30 March 2009

cherry blossoms

my favourite flower is cherry blossoms and pionies!

29 March 2009


me and my doodles....i usually do them on fine writing paper... its a bit late at night and i cant be bothered actually taking a proper pic of them so i just use photo-booth! hehe im a bit lazy tnyt! just one of my many! 

09 March 2009

moroccon feaver

i'm very much into the middle eastern things at the moment...and no i haven't forgotten about my french vintage needs and my wild african side either.. 

It's so interesting that all design and art work well its its own category. Imagine one big room filled with all cultural interior based inside of it.. i wonder if it would work sometimes..? Zebra skin on the floor and beautiful french birdcages hanging from the roof and old vintage suitcases filled with old letters and post stamps..
....xotic teapots from morroco and mint aromas filling the air....a rich blend of colorful rugs hanging on the walls. Seductive aromas luring you to the homemade couscous indulged in spices and herbs..
oh how i can keep dreaming of middle eastern culture with a twist of french vanilla creamy truffles and a cordian zinging  in the background...big african pots and the large african prints...

01 March 2009


I need a bit of sympathy
I need a bit of love
I feel a little bit emptier
and a little bit more lost
So they have left now and i am left in pieces
once again they have stolen my heart and i am left broken
Longing for their touch, longing for their voice
Here im broken in two and living two lives,
With joy and pain fighting for my heart
im in battle with my own mind
Now they are gone,
Now they are gone, 
gone with the wind and i am left here all in love on my own