25 February 2014

The Clueless Girl's Guide

Ever heard www.thecluelessgirl.com ? I am totally in love with this girls blog and her illustrations on these pieces of wood. I found Kaelah on Instagram & she is definitely on my daily reads lately. I find her work inspiring. She is also a graphic designer like myself and has a little family and another baby on the way by the looks of things. She lives in Tennessee with her two bulldogs which I absolutely adore!

21 February 2014

The Sill

 In between feeding Leon and trying to make him sleep which can be rather tricky, I hopped onto
The Sill to check out all their cute little plants and pots. For those of you who have green fingers or even just enjoy a cute little cactus on your desk, do make sure you stop by and say hi and grow your love.

18 February 2014

Say Hello World!

Finally the time has come for us to share that we had our little boy on Thursday the 13th of February 2014 at 9:37pm. His name is Leon, Valentino Moriarty. He weighed 3.1kgs and is the most amazing thing that could have ever happen to both me and Mike. 

We still stare at him with tears in our eyes, and try no to wake him while he is sleeping for cuddles. Life couldn't be any more perfect. We love him so much and want to show him of to the world. He is the biggest blessing send from God. 

We love you Leon. 

12 February 2014


Miles of Light is an online Etsy store selling beautiful botanical and floral prints. All prints are done with such simplicity and taste.

On another note, I have been getting contractions for 2 days now and tomorrow is suppose to be our due date. To view any of our updates be sure to check out our Instagram on @polliblog.

10 February 2014

Around Our Home

Im officially 3 days away from my expected due date. I am having little freak out sessions by myself especially when I see a glimpse of myself in a mirror at this stage. Who knows I might go over my due date or go right on time. All I know is that the I have one frozen meal in the freezer and I am not napping nearly as much as I should. 

I am getting my herbs and vegetables going while I have been waiting. I now have coriander, rosemary, mint and silver beet waiting to be planted. And I have been also doing a bit of reading up on Bill Grangers cooking and a bit of vegetarian cooking as well as on growing your own vegetables. 

My have also also been enjoying heaps of chai latté's at the comfort of my home and lots of time on the Internet which has been great as I admittedly have become a bit more of a hermit at this stage of my life (surprisingly). 

We also assembled the cot yesterday and this morning I caught Lola having a sleep in the cot. Maybe she knows there will soon be a new arrival or perhaps it's just the fact that there is a new piece of furniture in the house with warm blankets and toys on it, so it was just obvious for her to claim it.

05 February 2014

39 weeks pregnant

I am currently in that waiting game phase of being pregnant. My due date is on the 13th of February which is next week Thursday. So at any time really our little boy will arrive. Today in particular I feel exhausted. Luckily I got out three DVD's to occupy my time today, I have also been baking the last week, reading magazines, and cleaning everything in my way to get organised for baby. 

I have repacked my hospital bag three times already and keep forgetting to put certain stuff in it. I don't think anybody can really be fully prepared right? 

Me and Mike installed the baby capsule into the car the other day which took half an hour to figure out especially without a manual and all. I do recommend new parents to do this as it was really frustrating figuring out how to install a carseat I have to admit. To keep an eye out for whats happening, follow me on Instagram (@polliblog.com).

04 February 2014


Karen Walker teamed up with the UN’S Ethical Fashion Initiative to commission Kenyan artisans to make screenprinted & beaded pouches for her Summer 2014 eyewear collection. some of the artisans involved – machinists, cutters, tailors, production managers, metal workers and members of the Maasai group who create the beading work. The sunnies will be released early Feb also!

01 February 2014

DIY: Animal Keychains

I have 2 weeks to go until my expected due date and I am twiddling my thumbs not knowing what to do with myself at this stage. 

For some reason I have this huge urge to do a lot of things but then again I find myself not doing any of them due to the fact that I am either very uncomfortable or tired. But for those who are keen on taking on some DIY projects for the time and being, this one is a goodie and it's super easy, so enjoy!