29 March 2013

Ultra-modern Design Ideas For Your Home


Tastes in home design can change as quickly as in any other area in terms of what’s hot and what’s not. However, although there are some timeless designs, a few tips on current trends can help to keep a home looking completely modern. One key aspect of this process of design and creation is to use good quality materials and ensure they are properly maintained and fitted. With professional assistance, a home of any age and style can look and feel so much more special.

Ultra-modern design trends

Three simple words can help a budding designer create a feel of the ultra-modern in their own home. The concepts described by these three words work together to build a fresh and truly contemporary feel. The words in question are space, simplicity and technology.

In terms of space, modern design gets rid of the clutter and uses the available floor area to maximum functional effect. Open space design or the appearance of open space design, in areas such as the dining room and living room, can let the interior breathe for a fresh and airy feel. Within the open space approach, simplicity means that the items that are incorporated into the design, such as work surfaces or the work area in a study or kitchen should be as accessible as possible and designed with clean lines and the minimum number of accessories and extras. Finally, the addition of technology into a simple open space demands, in contemporary terms, that hi-tech items such as a flat-screen display, are integrated into the design as a whole rather than being placed on top of it, like an afterthought.


Color schemes

The colors in an ultra-modern design can, as always, be chosen according to personal taste. However, in line with the idea of simplicity, a small number of clean-looking colors is generally preferred, with just one or two highlights in a bolder color. With an otherwise fairly neutral color base, such as a shade of light brown or one or two pastels hues, a splash of bright red or blue can add a vital element of interest that stands out much more as a result of the comparatively gentle background.



Selecting the right furniture, in terms of both color and shape, is an important element in creating a clear home design with a feeling of space. Pieces with geometric shapes are part of the modern look and by positioning well-designed furniture to maximum effect; the space available in even a smaller room or apartment can be accentuated, resulting in a light, spacious, contemporary atmosphere. Good use of drapes or other furniture items can even create an open space feel in a home that was not originally designed that way.


One important element of home design that should not to be overlooked is the flooring. 
Ultra-modern design uses an increasing number of environmentally friendly elements, while the final look often features effects such as stained floors or a colorful rug as basic elements of interest in a room. Click here for more information on a full range of modern flooring options, including a wide selection of competitively priced wholesale tiles.

28 March 2013

Element Eden Knitting Competition | Mug Cosie

Element Eden is running a great knitting competition! Boil a pot of tea and start knitting anything from beanies, scarves, mugs, tea cosies or socks it's entirely up to you. 

Post it up on Element Eden's Facebook under the 'Knit Off' tab or post  your project to Instagram and hastag it #elementedenknitoff and @elementeden_au. The winner gets an Element Eden wardrobe worth $1000 and a year supply of Cleckheaton yarn. 

ps: I  secretly have another knitting project I will be posting up sometime soon.

27 March 2013

A "What To Do" Guide For Easter

Easter weekend is on it's way! And if you don't have any plans I have a good list of things to keep you busy with..






A quick round up on some easy and fun things to do over the Easter break. I am also hoping not to over indulge in to many easter eggs this time around as I usually go a little overboard when it comes to chocolate. Ugh, don't we all?

25 March 2013

Quick and Easy Origami For Beginners


Origami is fun, easy, inexpensive and great for sharing with others. This is an activity that has been passed on from one generation to another. I decided to share this cute fox origami tutorial with all of you today to get your creative juices flowing on an early Monday morning, plus it's so easy you can easily do this with kids.

 All you need to buy is origami paper from WholePort and a pair of hands to fold. I am only a beginner at Origami so I decided to fold a fox face.

22 March 2013

Bourjois Sixties Remix

I am absolutely smitten about the new Bourjois Sixties Remix range! I love the colors. I tried these yesterday on my nails and stamped on pattens on top of the 'So Laque Glossy' base. It came out so glossy. Definitely worth a go. I also had a looksie at their Facebook page here. 

The behind the scenes video clip of how they constructed the campaign is worth watching to: 

20 March 2013

Ray-Ban Sunglasses Giveaway

Ray-Ban Sunglasses Giveaway

Hey guys, SmartBuyGlasses is giving away a pair of Ray-Ban RB3016 Clubmaster WO366 away here on Polli today. It's open Internationally so everybody can enter. 

To enter click here:

1. a Rafflecopter giveaway

19 March 2013

My Little Insight Shop

Ashleigh Collis has started an online Facebook shop called My Little Insight which sells all vintage clothes. All items are one of pieces and vary in sizes. I just picked out a few of my favorites to share with you guys today.(This is charged in NZ dollars)

Photo 1$25.00- Handmade knitted pastel blue cardigan, size 10-12.    
Photo 2 $20.00 - Floral collard blouse, size 10-12. 
Photo 3 - $25.00 - Yellow shorts, size 12.
Photo 4+5$30.00 - Carmel colored jacket with ribbon prints on, size 14.

18 March 2013

Cupcakes & Board games

This has been our summer routine for about almost 3 months now. We have been turning off the TV and computers in the house so we can spend some quality time together playing board games and eating cupcakes. It's been great! This summer has been the best one yet and we are making the most of the summer heat while it last.

PS:  I also announced on our Facebook page that I will be sharing a Macaron recipe, but this morning I had a clean up on my computer and somehow have no access to any of my old photos anymore sadly. Which means I will have to bake some more :) 

16 March 2013

Face the freeze in style

 In the rush of modern life it is easy to forget to bring adequate protection from the cold. By introducing these simple elements into your wardrobe you can be sure to stay warm and still look great! As our famously cold weather regularly rears its head, the will to leave the armchair and that tempting mug of tea quickly fades. However, as tempting as staying in sounds, work and other commitments to the wider world make venturing forth into the big freeze an inevitability. 

 Fortunately, a greater understanding of the body’s response to the cold can make dressing for those freezing mornings a breeze! Firstly, invest in some warm headgear. Although scientists have recently disproved the popular and long-held belief that we lose 45% of body heat through our heads, it is true that the face, head and chest can feel changes in temperature more distinctly than other parts of the body. Keeping these areas covered can make you feel warmer than if you chose to cover up more elsewhere.
For a very cold day, try a trapper hat or a cute woollen beanie pulled low on your head to avoid earache. Woolly headbands are a popular alternative, if you’re looking to avoid hat hair. (And who isn’t, really?) Scarves are an easy way to keep your chest and neck feeling warm while also looking stylish, so invest in a variety of colours, fabrics and patterns for a quick way to brighten up your wardrobe.Being unprepared in the cold can be damaging.

Frostbite occurs when the body reduces blood flow to extremities in order to preserve core temperature in cold conditions, so it mainly affects the fingers, toes and nose. To find suitably warm and comfortable footwear to tackle the cold weather, you can shop for sheepskin boots at isme.com, for example. Avoid numb fingers by always carrying gloves and try co-ordinating these with your scarf and hat for a cosy but stylish look. If your hands are particularly sensitive to the cold, try wiggling your fingers as this increases circulation to the area and therefore warms it up. Even if it looks a bit strange, it’s worthwhile! Once inside, treat your skin to some hand cream to avoid painful dryness.

A Blogger, Graphic Designer, Baker and Crafter

A quick announcement. I have always been freelancing as a graphic designer but due to getting more and more request to design blogs, blog headers or create logo's I thought it might be worth mentioning on here that I design blogs, blog headers, logo's, business cards, flyers, invitations etc.

To view my portfolio, feel free to click here. I also own a online shop here which you can check out here.

If you have any questions you can email me on: sonevz@gmail.com

13 March 2013

Boohoo Global Styler

Boohoo has launched a Global Style competition. They are giving away a trip of a lifetime of a holiday destination of your choice for you and a friend. Amazing right?

How to enter:
1. Download your speech bubble, print and insert your location
2. Snap yourself holding the speech bubble 
3. Tweet or Instagram  your outfit with #GlobalStyler

10 March 2013

Recipe | Cinnamon Tea Cake


2 tbn butter
1/2 cup sugar
2 eggs
1/2 cup of milk
1 cup of flour
1 tsb baking powder
pinch of salt

Icing: 1 1/2 tsb Cinnamon & 1 tb butter

Heat over to 350F. Cream butter & sugar. Add eggs and beat well. In another bowl mix the powder ingredients. Mix well together in a mixing bowl and add in the powder ingredients in slowly while beating. Scoop ingredients into a mould. I got mine from WholePort.

Bake for 20-25 minutes and leave to cool down on a cooling rack. Sprinkle 2 tablespoons of cinnamon and 2 tablespoons of butter onto the cakes. Use writing icing to decorate the cakes.