31 January 2010

Romance me......

A little voice reminded me that Valentines day will be on it's way soon, so I looked for a couple of old classic/vintage romantic images! And I thought it would be great sharing it with all of you. I have been enjoying multiple cups of tea, lots of snuggling and laziness over the long weekend.It's perfect weather for it, it is soaking wet outside. I thought these images will warm us all up a bit. Have a great weekend!

Ponder this:
Happiness is a choice!
You can have nothing in life and be the most happiest person in the world!

29 January 2010

Blissfull Summers

Yes it's summer and the smell of wedding food is in the air~ time to have a looksie at some incredible photography right here!~ And because it's Valentines day coming up soon I'd like to spread a bit of romance around in the air! :)These devine creations are from 100LayerdCake my absolute favourite place to find inspiration!

Flowers in my Hat

Yes it is Friday - and i did survive! In fact it's the long weekend here, so I get Monday off as well. What a treat! Although most of our friends are away to Parachute (festival) I'm off reconnecting with Lucinda (sister) who have recently traveled to Japan, Morocco & South Africa. We'll be baking muffins drinking Moroccan mint tea & discus our hubbies I'd say. A good old catch up with the older sister! :) I can't wait! Looks like it's going to be one fa-boules day out there! It's pure sunshine! Have a good weekend ! Also a special shout out to
Here Comes the Sun, a special friend of mine who mentioned my blog in her post today! Joy to you Amanda!



27 January 2010

Better than a golden oak leaf

Today I got up, had my cup of coffee, snipped the sides of my black rights and walaa I have a new look! I also discoverd a whole lot of pretty jewellery! As I am always looking for new jewellery to inspire me and possibly look at putting in the store I always find these cute creations! Flick over to Unique jewellery on Etsy

1 of my goals this year was to volunteer, I signed up and met them on Monday. Now it's following through, making time for strangers while cooking for my husband, cleaning, designing and keep my blog up 2 date lol!

25 January 2010

French affair..

My dear followers! Yes it is a Monday and yes I do feel a bit under the weather today! Although it's bright and sunny outside today!I have a lot on my plate at the moment, wasn't it just yesterday I returned from holiday?

I found great inspiration on a day like this from the cherry blossom girl! She manages to always post the most beautiful photo's on her blog! I can drool over the whimsical photography all day long!

23 January 2010

Illustrations by Kelly Thompson

check out some more of these lovely Illustrations here! Kelly Thompson
So here I am in the sunny Hawks bay, posting away on some cool discoveries! Heading back tomorrow and am not looking forward to the long drive! What else better to do a Saturday than to laze about and find pretty new things on the Interweb! While hanging out with the family, watching matrix and sipping on a hot cup of tea before the heading over to the wedding!
What are you up to on your Saturday?

22 January 2010

BamBams Creative

Now I have some exciting news guys! I entered a competition to design a t-shirt and won! They will put the design on sale on the 5th of February which means I get an extra bit of money for that design as well!
I am off to a wedding this weekend! Have a faboules weekend all you lovely people! :) In the meantime check out BamBamscreative's out!

20 January 2010

Kareena Illustrations

I had to share some beauty with all of my readers, and those who just perhaps stumbled upon my blog. This artist has to be my one of my top artist I'd love to meet one day! Her work is out of this world. There isn't a drawing/painting that i don't love! Enjoy these beauts! Visit her online store here

19 January 2010

It' all in the hat!

So just before I hop out to work, I made sure I started the day inspired.
Enjoy these lovely images. I think it's amazing what a hat can do to your outfit.
It's great! :) Some pretty pictures to get you through the week.

18 January 2010

New Zealand Jewellery

So it seems I am a bit on a stroll with all the New Zealand artists! We sell her bits and pieces at my work and I can't get over those beautiful jewelery trees! Jilll Main is famous for her fauna and flora incorporation into her designs.

Also I am still on the lookout for somebody to advertise on my blog for free in order for me to have an add on their blog for free! Please contact me regarding this on sonevz@gmail.com.