25 January 2010

French affair..

My dear followers! Yes it is a Monday and yes I do feel a bit under the weather today! Although it's bright and sunny outside today!I have a lot on my plate at the moment, wasn't it just yesterday I returned from holiday?

I found great inspiration on a day like this from the cherry blossom girl! She manages to always post the most beautiful photo's on her blog! I can drool over the whimsical photography all day long!


  1. Hey hun~! This is such a lovely post...what gorgeous pics to start a monday ;)) And yes, i know what you're feeling this Monday morning...
    Oooh congrats on winning that t-shirt design competition :D
    Have a GREAT week luv~! hugs*

  2. aren't the french lovely?!
    seems a very fitting post for a monday morning, i don't know why it just does:)
    Pearl xo

  3. great post my love! hope you have a better day tomorrow. miss you xx

  4. Her dress is gorgeous!
    Hope you'll feel better tomorrow!

  5. Sigh, the Cherry Blossom Girl always has such dreamy photos. I adore them! (:

    And sorry I did not get back to you sooner about the swapping an ad for an ad. I'd be delighted to swap with you! (: You have a beautiful blog and I'm honoured. I will contact you through e-mail once I come up with a design of some sort. Thanks, love!


    p/s: hope you're feeling much better now.


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