30 April 2010


I thought after my last post I'll do one more post of some of my personal life. Just to give you a glimpse. I edited these for my hubbie's 30th which is coming up on the 14th of May. It just reminds me of all our good memories together. The black and white photo was on our second date together when we first met.

29 April 2010

My Photography

I took a few photo's a few weeks ago of our ginger cat and our monic butterfly we got form our swan plant, we saw the entire process of becoming a caterpillar and turning into a beautiful butterfly. It was very exciting seeing it all happen in front of your eyes! Enjoy these personal pieces, I don't post many of them.

Birds fluttering away.....

Yes, I am going through a bird phase! I keep finding these beautiful bits and pieces of birds, bird cages and flowers! I think I am just naturally drawn to it. I am waiting for this week to end, I am feeling rather tired! On the other hand, if you like to see more jewelery from I wannabe click here

28 April 2010

Beth-Emily Illustration

Things are looking up and I just found a massive pond of new websites and things to post on! Enjoy the first one! :) Visit Beth-Emily's blog here

Beth-Emily Illustration

Things are looking up and I just found a massive pond of new websites and things to post on!
Enjoy the first one! :)

25 April 2010

A splash of Vintage

Check out SNS Photography! I actually adore all these photo's! So romantic!
I had a great weekend! And I think I might have found an idea for my husband's 30th coming up! woop woop!


23 April 2010

You, Me and the Sea

It's friday, which means on thing - I get to sleep in tomorrow and design all pretty things tomorow. I really do love sleeping in on a saturday morning!
Perhaps attempt Opshopping and keep my hubby company at the beach. It's his 30th on the 14th of May, have you got any suggestions on how to celebrate? Why not share??

22 April 2010

Fairy light and bliss

My little vegetable garden is growing! I am so excited! Truely, I also found a place where I can buy cheap jewellery pieces and make my own jewellery! So exciting, I bought some random off cuts from a leather shop and walaaa, I just need my cuttle bug to emboss it and it will be my own little creation! :) I am thinking of making leather earings/necklaces.. I have sooo many ideas! I just have to start creating.

17 April 2010

Heart stained dress

I'm just spending a lazy weekend making trifle and visiting my parents. I also attempted some shopping but walked out with nothing unfortunately. I'm not much of a winter fan, so I will have to dig my heels in and start getting some winter gear!

16 April 2010

Happy Joy Joy

This homes just oozes lovely tones, knitted vintage things and makes me feel happy! I developed this thing for that greany teal colour in the last photo, it just adds that yummy vintage look.
I adore the chicken in it 2, one day I would like to have my own chickens, veggie gardens and make things out of junk haha... sounds a bit like I want to be a bit of a hippie... lol it's a nice idea though - I'll take my kids to the farmer's markets on the weekends and watch caterpillars turn into butterflies..

15 April 2010

Darling Jewelery

I found some darling bits and pieces! Too cute for words, I just LOVE it! These pieces remind me allot of Lisa Hoskin jewellery which my sister-in-law adores it!

To see more of these beauts check out Vintage Ephemera resin.

14 April 2010

Pretty lace, text, swirly lines and cupcakes

OOhh yah prettiness! I just caught up with some friends having brownies, ice cream and coffee while playing pick up sticks, and just came upon some cute designs! Love it... I don't know why I drool over text/swirly things/paper/pencil/watercolors & packaging.... I guess you just get born into loving it, and then become a graphic designer.. (Credit)