31 October 2013

Bits Of Happy

It's so nice to say goodbye to winter and welcome summer by eating bowls of fresh strawberries. Hmmm yum! 

Things that make me happy at the moment are:

  • Eatings loads of strawberries
  • Being pregnant & healthy
  • Attending our first anti-natal class
  • Lola our new puppy 
  • House hunting
  • Listening to Lana del Ray
  • Looking for baby stuff
  • Catching up with friends
  • Baking
ps: tomorrow we are sharing a freebie! 

27 October 2013

Meet Our Pug Lola!

Remember this competition? Well we decided to call our little pug Lola. She is the most adorable things I have ever set my eyes on. Mike thought it would be great for our baby to grow up with a puppy. Such a clever man may I add.

Last night was her first night with us and I sneaked up into her room and checked up on her three times. I also had to convince myself not to get up at 4:30am to play with her. 

24 October 2013

Nail Art Tutorial

So Nailicious shared a post on a toothpick nail art tutorial which I wanted to share as I found it so easy to do by myself. In this tutorial you will find two ways of creating your own nail art.

1. Easy: Dotting
Simply dip the end of a toothpick into your polish, then dot it on your nail. We’ve done a line of dots on top of the cloud pattern from earlier. You can use the pointy end of the toothpick for small dots, or cut the toothpick in half to get bigger dots. You can also try different objects – skewers, bobby pins, pens and pencils are all good! This is perfect for recreating some of the gorgeous nail designs we’ve been pinning in anticipation for International Polka Dot Day (December 23rd – put that in your diaries, more details soon!).
2. Hard: Drag marble
You can make some amazing designs with a technique called drag marbling. First apply a thick coat of your base colour on your nail. While it’s still wet, dab a bit of a contrasting colour on your nail using a toothpick. Then, working quickly, drag designs through the wet polish. We’ve gone for an abstract flame/feather effect, but you can also make swirls and flowers, and many other designs, such as the swirled coffee art effect here.

21 October 2013

22 Weeks

Our Internet has been shockingly slow, which ment I haven't been able to post as regular as I use to.  At 22 weeks I found that I finally started to "pop" fully and that random people would approach me and grab my belly at about the 19-22weeks stage. It's all new to me so I am just going with it. I'm enjoying the communities response to a new baby. We actually had a guy yell out to us "Yip, they call this the terrible two's"!  He was sitting on the grass with his toddler who was having a massive meltdown. We laughed and replied, we have all that to look forward to. 

14 October 2013

A visit to Melbourne

Photography by See Me Everywhere

A few weeks ago I sneaked in a surprise visit to this blogger over in Melbourne! It was only for 6 days but man it was oh so worth every penny. Not only did I do some epic shopping but I discoverd that I LOVE avocado. Now perhaps the reason for that is, is that when you are pregnant everything seems to taste 100 times better than normal. I am 20 weeks pregnant in these photo's, but will share a bit more on my baby bump in the next upcoming post.

To read on about this little adventure, click here.

12 October 2013

Cranberry & Lime Moustaches

It's almost summer and I am hanging out for yummy cold drinks! I ordered this cool moustache mould from WholePort to make moustache ice blocks. You can use this moustache moulds for baking or even to make your own chocolates in. 

Cranberry & Lime Summer Drinks

1 x Shorts Bottle of Cranberry & Lime Shorts (3 tablespoons)
1 x Lemons
A handfull of mint leaves
Water to taste

Serve chilled with moustache ice blocks and enjoy!

10 October 2013

Top five things to know about Spanish fashion

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You might think you know all there is to know about Spain – it is the Brits’ preferred holiday destination after all. However, things aren’t quite the same once you step outside of the resorts and onto the south coast.

First things first, it’s not all shorts, vests and flip flops. Fashion is an integral part of the Spanish culture with most locals carrying themselves in style – a far cry from the typical tourist!

Spain is such a fashion hotspot that many famous designers have even moved over and set up camp. So, if you’re planning a trip to Spain and plan on seeing more of this fantastic country than just the beach, here are the top five things you need to know about the local fashion.

1. Don’t wear trainers
 Unless you’re hitting the gym or a few balls on the clay court, it’s wise to leave your trainers at the hotel. The Spanish don’t wear trainers for anything other than sports.

Instead, opt for a pair of comfortable sandals, such as espadrilles, which are favoured by most Spanish women. There’s emphasis on comfort too as there’s plenty of cobbled streets that will wreak havoc with the soles of your feet.

2. Wear sleeves
 If you want to experience one of the trendiest Spanish cities, why not jump on a flight to Barcelona with Monarch. Here, you’ll find that both men and women dress up in the height of summer.

The temperatures will be much hotter than you’re used to, but that’s no excuse for sleeveless shirts. When visiting the sights in Barcelona, you might get refused entry unless you’re covered up – especially at the cathedral.

3. Carry a light jacket
 As a tourist, you’ll likely spend all day and night out in the town or city. It seems such a waste of precious time to head back to the room to change. With that in mind, always carry a light jacket.

You’ll be very hot throughout the day but temperatures can drop when the sun goes down, so if you’re out and about you’ll appreciate having something to keep you warm.

4. Choose dark colours
 When the sun starts to shine in the UK, many of us pull out our brightly-coloured clothes. However, over in Spain dark colours are much preferred. Black, navy and brown are the colours of choice but if you’re too hot, opt for neutrals.

You can wander round in your bright pink or yellow clothes if you like, but you might as well get a huge banner that reads, “I’m a tourist!”

5. Wear fitted clothes
In the height of summer it might seem like a natural choice to go for loose clothing, but it’s often frowned upon and seen as sloppy dress. Rather than baggy clothes, try to choose something a bit more fitted.

For example, rather than a flowing summer dress opt for one that clings to your figure. It’s not a problem to show off your feminine curves in Spain, as long as you’re covering your modesty!

08 October 2013

Butterfly Tea Time

WholePort sells these butterfly cup clip toppers that hooks onto teacups & jars. I'll be saving these cuties for a special occasion I think. I have been looking all over for these.

06 October 2013

Carnival Picks

Kikki.K has an adorable carnival range out which you can check out here. The illustrations gave me an idea of what I would like our babies room to possible look like when we find out what we will be having. (We are going for our 20 week scan tomorrow and will find out whether we will have a boy or a girl). Don't you just love bear illustrations?