31 March 2011

Atlantic-Pacific Streetwear

I am so amused by Atlantic-Pacific!She is a merchandiser in San Francisco, CA. You can find her being featured in :
Visit her blog here.

Love Polli xx

30 March 2011

Jessica Sim Photography (New Zealand)

Jessica Sim's Photography is homegrown here in New Zealand ! I am also proud to say that I once sold jewelery to the model at the top when I worked at Diva as a student.You can become a fan of her work here on Facebook or visit her website here.

Love Polli xx

29 March 2011

A foreign snack

I stepped out of the box and tried some new foreign snacks last Saturday.  The tiny little cakes at the top where delightful and they where a product from Malaysia. The bottom two sweet & savory cakes might be from Japan I think.... and they are definitely a favourite.

I also just had to share my favorite teacup at the moment - it makes me think of India for some reason, it always makes me think of the movie called "The Darjeeling Limited".

  Love Polli xx

26 March 2011

Giveaway: Blue Tree Print by Judy Kaufmann

This print is worth $30USD, and the size of the print is (210x297mm) & is printed on Glossy Paper - 225gr.  


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    This giveaway is open Internationally. Expires on April the 3rd, 2011, Sunday night New Zealand time. Good luck! x

Love Polli xx

25 March 2011

Aled Lewis Knows Best

So it's Friday and we are all due for a laugh, so let me introduce to you Aled Lewis, a London based Illustrator! Honestly, who doesn't love a pinata!

Love Polli xx

24 March 2011

Treat of the day: Cupcakes in a Jars

Only 2 more days to go till Friday and then I can spell weekend again !So here is a little naughty treat to feast your eyes upon. At last we can get rid of all those jars you have been stacking across the bench for months on end. 

Apparently macaroons are out and cupcakes in jars are in. I definitely think that is debatable. Grab the recipe from  The Kitchn

Love Polli xx

23 March 2011

Go Somewhere

All I have on my mind at this stage is to go somewhere... France, Italy, Morocco, India, New York.. the list is endless. 

Where are you from?

Love Polli xx

22 March 2011

Tea Time

 style me pretty

For some time now I have been meaning to have a girls morning tea at my house. This is what I'd love for it to look like. Hints of aqua blue & soft pinks.. and of course some chocolate truffles would be perfect.

Love Polli xx

21 March 2011

Diana World Tour Night in Auckland

Liss from Daydreamlilly blog & Me

Dane from Tornadoes &  Tigers blog

Ilana from See Me Everywhere blog

Just thought I'd share a few of Danes photos to share our experience at the Diana World Tour which took place on Friday night. The night consisted of Dianas everywhere, good friends, beautiful jewelery, free drinks & clothes - and afterward hot coffee & chocolate cake hmm pure goodness!
Emma from But Honestly was there as well as Melissa From Me To You.   Thanks to Amanda from Here Comes The Sun who told me about this awesome event. It was well worth it.

Photos where taken at The Department Store

Love Polli xx

19 March 2011

Mushaboo Cake

Once Wed is a fantastic library of ideas & fresh concepts for weddings. Although I am already married, I still enjoy all the creative ideas and new trends. That mushroom cake looks divine, figure something like that as your wedding cake, eeeek!

Love Polli xx

18 March 2011

Friday Flickr

Ciel Photography

Oh man I am so happy it's Friday ! Gosh it was one busy one that's for sure.. What is your plans for the weekend?

Love Polli xx

17 March 2011

Sarah McNeil Illustrations

Sarah McNeil is a new favorite of mine. She has a fantastic Flickr page with loads of cute hand drawn characters in it, including butterflies, foxes & birds.

Love Polli xx

16 March 2011

'Free People' March Lookbook

Here is a little taster of what's inside the March lookbook of Free People. 
These photos wish I could have summer all over again. Check out their blog here, and while you at it grab the desktop freebie it's super cute!!

PS: I received my new nerd looking glasses today, I'll post a photobooth session of it up soon. Hooraay for Zenni Opticals who I orderd them from they where super cheap and super fast!

15 March 2011


Ever wanted to land your dream job?
Well I do... allot in fact, I think about it every time I visit the website, or see the logo..

Here is my lists of Magazines / Companies  I'd love to work for one day as a Graphic Designer / Blogger / Illustrate /  Photographer:

Where would be your dream job?

Love Polli xx

14 March 2011

Jordan Clarke Designs

Something me & Jordan Clarke have in common is:

Rooibos tea & Vanilla tea...

A mish-mash of artist, illustrator and designer. Fascinated by all things dark, whimsical and vintage her work is characterized by a collision of Victorian vignettes, rockabilly pin-ups, religious iconography, tattooing, 20th century circus and fairground lore, to name but a few. 

Information found via The Little Teapot

Love Polli xx

12 March 2011

My camera obsession

These are a few of my camera collections! I love photography. I buy working and non working cameras, it's like I need to give them all a safe home. My most favorite project I had to photograph was for Deeshine jewelery which you can view here. I got send a big box of jewelery to photograph all the way from the South Island, it was amazing.

Love Polli xx