12 March 2011

My camera obsession

These are a few of my camera collections! I love photography. I buy working and non working cameras, it's like I need to give them all a safe home. My most favorite project I had to photograph was for Deeshine jewelery which you can view here. I got send a big box of jewelery to photograph all the way from the South Island, it was amazing.

Love Polli xx


  1. Cute!! i want a poloroid, mini diana, holga mmm maye a pentax :D
    keep going with the photography, I also like it, I am amateur!!

  2. But they're all so expensive :(((( And the film!!

  3. I wish I would have old cameras. I had a old one from my dad some years ago but the stole it from our home with all the pictures on it...that was a very bad day!
    But I think I will buy me some cameras again on the flea market, if I saw any special!

    The jewelery pictures are realy amazing!


  4. I am in camera heaven. I have the same fetish :) x


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