31 January 2012

Giveaway: Hop Skip Jump Prints {CLOSED}

Here goes the first giveaway of 2012 ! Hop Skip Jump have kindly offered a $20 voucher to spend at their store. So it's completely up to you to choose your very own prize.

To enter:
1. Leave a comment on this post stating your favourite item from Hop Skip Jump

    (if you don't have a blogger account please leave your email) 
2. For a second entry, share this giveaway on twitter or facebook 

This giveaway is open Internationally and the winner will be drawn on the 14th of February (Valentines Day). 
Good luck & feel free to drop by and say hi to them on facebook here.

Love Polli xx

30 January 2012

Wsake Jewelery

Welcome to a little shop called Wsake based in Southern Germany, Bavaria, called Regensburg. They are a father daughter team which makes these amazing pieces even more special.

 I'd love to be able to open a store with my mum or dad one day (long term dream). Who knows what we would sell but it's nice to dream. I do admire people with their own businesses, as they work 10x harder and have to be on call 24/7 - now that's what I call hard work ! 

Love Polli xx

Bread Hearts

 credit: www.ohhhmhhh.de

Now isn't this just so sweet? Imagine finding this in your lunchbox? All you need is a cookie cutter in any shape you want, then cut out the centre of the piece of bread and place the cut out piece of bread on top of a slice of bread and pour in the colorful spindles inside of the cut out hole and walah!

Happy eating everyone!

Love Polli xx

28 January 2012

The Vogue Diaries

Those who follow me on Instagram might want to start following 'The Vogue Diaries'. It's a celeb fashion blog and you can find them on Instagram as well. I love finding new fashion labels & blogs that embrace peter pan collars.

I did make a confession on Facebook this week that me and my husband follow the Kardashians on twitter, and I was rather surprised at how many responses I got.

If I could be a celebrity for a day I think I would have to choose her for the time and being.
Who would you be for the day?

Love Polli xx

26 January 2012

Ring around the Rosie

Credit: The Beauty Department 

Woohoo Toujouri store opening is this weekend and I am contemplating on wearing my new little flower crown I bought in South Africa. I am super excited as it's going to be pretty glam! Can't wait!

Flower crowns are huge at the moment, and I am making this most of it, although it's winter on this side of the world. Thanks to 'The Beauty Department' I found amazing tutorials online that will keep you busy for the next year.

Happy weekend everybody ! (Thursday is like a Friday in the Middle East)

Love Polli xx

24 January 2012

I like you and naps

Good grief, it's hard starting a new job, I have been working overtime and trying to catch up with all the different languages that's being spoken in the office! It's tough starting a new job, All I want to do is sleep!

However in the meantime I found a cool Etsy Store. And each of these cards kinda means something in a funny little way to me today. The fact that I am loving naps at the moment is beyond description, and it's true I do get scared to "reply to all". And last but not least, I hate the fact that I will be 25 this year! Woow even typing that makes me want to vomit lol !

Love Polli xx

20 January 2012

Sharing my wardrobe with Style Confessions

Dear bloggers, here in an inside scope of my wardrobe and our current apartment we recently moved into here in Qatar, Doha. I collaborated with another fashion blogger named Carla Mallari from Nomad* blog. She works at Impressions Boutique and has her own fashion label called Cala Mari.

In this clip you will also meet my cute cat called Frankie, and get a glimpse into my wardrobe &  life living abroad. Head over to Impressions Boutique online and like their Facebook here! (PS: They have an awesome sale on at the moment)

18 January 2012

South Africa (part 2)

As promised, here is sneak peek of my recent trip to South Africa to go see my family. This part of my trip was very special as I was able to reconnect with my grandparents as well as long lost cousins which I haven't seen in over 7 years.

It was great reliving my childhood memories. Waking up to hot porridge (pap) was one highlight I had to admit. 

Love Polli xx

16 January 2012

Feel the love

Cherry Pie Pops 12 Gift Set by Cakewalk Desserts

Sweetie Pies modern

Heart Shoe Clips eclectic

Sweet Pea 20 Paper Garland by Mara May modern holiday decorations

Oh gosh, since working at the Magazine company I have been looking up some Valentines ideas as we are working on our Feb issue. I found these lovely gestures on link Houzz.

Here are my top 4 favorites gestures for this Valentines so far:

1) Cherry pie pops
2) Heart-shaped  whoopie-pies
3) Sparkly shoes
4) Paper garland

Love Polli

A little bit of paint

Me and my hubby had an interesting wedding anniversary. There was a huge muck up with our booking at a Hotel and we had to leave empty handed with our bags and all in front of everybody. Such a horrible experience when somebody have pocketed the cash you payed to stay over a night at a Hotel celebrating something so special.

We ended up buying me a huge canvas and I started painting out all my frustrations out on it lol !  At least something positive came out of such a horrible situation. To keep up with my progress you can follow Instagram (follow polliblog).

Love Polli xx

12 January 2012

2011 Review for Polli blog

♥ Me and Mike took a road-trip in the North island of New Zealand

♥ I went snorkeling for the first time

♥ I saw real snow for the first time!
♥ I got a pixie hair cut ( do note it's was the first time having my hair this short)

♥ Me and Mike attended a live Bob Dylan show
♥ Me and Mike decided to live in Qatar as ex-pacts for a few years

♥ Polli blog got featured in a Magazine in Qatar 
♥ I travelled on my own for the first time with a friend to Bahrain 
♥ I loved attending the Auckland Art & Craft Fair 

♥ I returned back for the first time in over 7 years to  South Africa with my husband 
♥ I'll be celebrating my 3 year wedding anniversary this weekend
♥ I visited Impressions Boutique in Qatar as well as Moda Key

My 2011 was packed full of adventures. It was a year where I got stretched in my thinking and a year where I had to move out of my comfort zones in A BIG WAY! My dream of traveling did come true in 2011 and will continue in a big way in 2012. Keep a close eye on 2012 ! 

Love Polli xx

Sally Scott

I am currently stalking Sally Scott's new spring collection Nikukya Issue#05. The simplistic patterns and retro look caught my attention. I love the natural photography of the model as well. I was flicking through Frankie's Fashion pages and discovered it there.

And sorry that I haven't posted some more of my traveling in South Africa, we recently moved to a new apartment as I have mentioned before and everything is on hold since we have limited Internet connection and the fact that I have also just started a new job makes my life feel like it's a bit all over the place. I can't wait to start buying new "homie" accessories for my new apartment.

At the moment it has empty walls and just the basics. I was thinking of buying a little cactus plant for my desk at my job and perhaps a few plants for inside the house. The fact that I live in the desert does get to me sometime, that's why seeing a bit of green for the day does a person wonders!

Love Polli xx

10 January 2012

Sweet Heart Cupcakes

I started my new job at a Magazine company today. I hardly slept last night and tried to not wake up hours before I needed to. I was however very early for work, the office wasn't even open lol !

If you are anything like me the only way I find myself to wind down from a long day of stressful events, meeting new people and moving into a total new apartment is by baking. Thanks to glorioustreats.blogspot.com  I will reward myself with this delish Sweet Heart Cupcake recipe and celebrate that I have made it through a scary day which turned out to have been totally fine! Can I get a cheer for 2012 of new things and new beginnings?

 Love Polli xx

09 January 2012

Christmas in South Africa

I spend my Christmas with my family in South Africa. It was amazing, we ate loads of food and gave out the presents as per tradition on the 24th after dinner. And on the 25th of Decemeber we had a lovely shared lunch again with the family. Mike my hubby had to learn a few Afrikaans words at the dinner table which kept us all entertained.

I really do love Christmas is has to be my favourite day of the year!

Love Polli xx

06 January 2012

Oh Africa

As most of you know I spend the last month visiting South Africa with my husband. I left on the 8th of December and spend Christmas and New Year's with my loved ones.

It was a spectacular holiday I will never forget. I have so many stories and photos to share with you all.

The sad part of this journey is that it has ended and I am currently sitting in Saudi Arabia's Airport reminiscing & longing back to familiar faces and spaces. I have packed my bags and decided to take on the journey back Doha, Qatar and give Qatar a second chance.

I look forward to spending my next night not on a couch in the Airport but on the comfort of my bed at home with my cat Frankie.

Love Polli xx

04 January 2012

Home Sweet Home

It's time to love and leave sunny South Africa in 3 days time. I spend a month here with some family and did all the tourist attractions you could think of. I had a fantastic time and wish this journey would never end.

Me and my hubby Mike will be flying back to the expat life in Qatar soon. I have big plans for 2012 so keep your eyes pealed. I really think this year it going to be amazing for all of you!

I look forward to sharing my trip with all of you. A Happy New Year to all and may this year be an exceptional year for all of you


 Love Polli xx