12 January 2012

2011 Review for Polli blog

♥ Me and Mike took a road-trip in the North island of New Zealand

♥ I went snorkeling for the first time

♥ I saw real snow for the first time!
♥ I got a pixie hair cut ( do note it's was the first time having my hair this short)

♥ Me and Mike attended a live Bob Dylan show
♥ Me and Mike decided to live in Qatar as ex-pacts for a few years

♥ Polli blog got featured in a Magazine in Qatar 
♥ I travelled on my own for the first time with a friend to Bahrain 
♥ I loved attending the Auckland Art & Craft Fair 

♥ I returned back for the first time in over 7 years to  South Africa with my husband 
♥ I'll be celebrating my 3 year wedding anniversary this weekend
♥ I visited Impressions Boutique in Qatar as well as Moda Key

My 2011 was packed full of adventures. It was a year where I got stretched in my thinking and a year where I had to move out of my comfort zones in A BIG WAY! My dream of traveling did come true in 2011 and will continue in a big way in 2012. Keep a close eye on 2012 ! 

Love Polli xx

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