16 December 2011

A Message from South Africa

Dear Bloggers

Just letting you know I am traveling around in South Africa for a month. I have limited Internet connection therefore it's been a little quieter than usual. I have big plans for 2012! I can't wait to share all my travelling stories with all of you. I have taken so many photos and am able to catch up with some family members here in SA.

Since I have been living in Qatar for the last 4 months I realized how lonely it can get without good friends and family that surrounds you. So I am soaking it all up here in SA. I was able to meet up with my mum here in SA. She traveled all the way from New Zealand to meet me here.

I held a snake, ate biltong, visited vintage shops, enjoyed seeing wild animals and hopefully will be feeding elephants soon!

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, if you don't hear from me soon. Thank you for all the support through this year. I leave receiving emails from all of you. 


Love Polli xx

10 December 2011

Charlotte Taylor s/s 2012

You got to love Charlotte's new range for 2012! Fun, colourfull and quirky. I better start looking out for ankle socks, perhaps I might find some in South Africa. Who knows what I might find :) I am looking forward to doing some shopping as my suitcase was half filled with presents and half full of clothes, which means I am in desprate need of some shopping (I will always find an excuse to do a bit of shopping).

Love Polli xx

09 December 2011

A spoon full

A spoon full of chocolate keeps the doctor away! And how can you resist making these? I got this cute recipe from  Delicious Delicious Delicious and the good news is that it's packed full of amazing quick recipes.

Just thought I'd keep you guys inspired while I am sitting in Jeddah Airport for 11 hours lol.. the things we do :) I do wish I had one of these to suck on as I just had one disguising meal here in the airport :(

Love Polli xx

08 December 2011

Laure de Sagazan

Laure de Sagazan is a French photographer based in Paris. It's almost like you can read that information through her photography, so dreamy, french, feminine and beautifull!

Love Polli xx

07 December 2011

Bon Voyage

photography by Jen Campbelle

Hi lovely readers

There is an hour and a half till I leave to head to the airport, I am super excited and also very nervous as I have an 11 hour layover in Saudi Arabia. Although I am sure I will be fine it's kinda scary traveling to an unfamiliar & strict country by myself. Fingers crossed I will have WIFI lol otherwise I will probably just play my iphone dead.

To those who don't know, I am heading to South Africa for a month, I have sceduled a few post for all of you but do note that my updates might not be so regular due to Internet connection availability.

Be sure to pop back and visit often as I will updating my travels on here, or if you want instant updates check "Polli blog" on Instagram as well as Twitter!

Love Polli xx

06 December 2011

Win an Element Eden wardrobe to the value of $1000!

What a great opportunity is this to win all the things you want for Christmas via Element Eden! Which would mean you could get the entire Daydream Lilly collection woohoo - my favourite piece is the cute pink Holga and the pretty as a picture dress.

To celebrate their new website Element Eden is giving you the opportunity to win your Christmas wishlist - An Element Eden wardrobe to the value of $1000. 


1) Like Elemend Eden's Facebook page
2) Enter the competition here

Love Polli xx

05 December 2011

Travelling to South Africa




So I am exactly 2 days away from traveling to South Africa for a month. I am excited, nervous and all over the place! I have never traveled all by myself before, especially not on such a big flight. Traveling it's such a big dream of mine, I can't believe I just tossed myself into this situation. You either have to sink or swim :)

I look forward to meeting with some family members over there, as I haven't been back in just over 7 years. So I am trying to be well prepared, and to  sort out my last minute packing and buying of things.

Today I have to:
* Exchange my money (Riyal) into Rand
* Buy a couple of last minute presents
* Print my airplane ticket
* Make copies of the address to put onto my suitcase

Love Polli xx

04 December 2011

Visiting Impressions Boutique

My favorite jersey at Impressions. Funny enough my mother-in-law has a Teacup Yorkshire Terrier and her name is Rosie (I ended up sending the picture to her and she nearly died).

The incredible cupcakes provided from Tasmeen for Impressions Boutique. Look it even has the logo of Impressions Boutique stamped on them awhhh... Plus we walked away with a bag filled with goodies and a cupcake places in a pretty blue box!

Dressed by  H&M

This beautiful table filled with lollipops, cupcakes and juice was divine!

Meet Carla a fashion blogger for Nomad* here in Doha, Qatar as well as fashion designer for her own brand called  Cala Mari.

I was invited to to attend the showcasing of the new collections from up-and-coming regional and local designers in Doha at Impressions Boutique!

It was a great evening filled with treats, a photobooth as well as cupcakes and lollipops! It was a great night to meet other local designers, photographers and bloggers. Well done Carla, what a great event!

note: all photos where taken with Instagram

Love Polli xx

03 December 2011

Gosh and Golly

Gosh & Golly is an online Etsy store filled with paper goodness!And to think this paper mobile will only cost you $48 ! And all of it is handmade.

I think part of being a graphic designer I am naturally just drawn to things made out of paper, I have been since the age of 3 apparently. I think it's the idea of being able to create something from scratch.

Love Polli xx

01 December 2011

The Twelfth Letter


''The Twelfth Letter' is a creation pieced together by the same two Sydney designers that made their first step into the industry back in 2007 with basement experiments under ls.clothing."

They collaboration of their lookbook is amazing, and extremely well planned out + I am a big fan of the clothes. It's definitely something different which you won't probably find in a mall.

Love Polli xx

30 November 2011

Keep it Native

Elizaveta Medvedeva Photography

I wanted to share one of my top favourite photographers with you today! Her name is Elizaveta and she is a student from Russia.

I'd love to have a photoshoot like this :) 

Our giveaway closes tonight - so make sure you enter it by clicking here.

Love Polli xx

29 November 2011

December Desktop Freebie

It's almost Christmas time ! Can you believe it. Gosh it came around so quickly. My friend shared a printable wishlist the other day and it inspired me to make my very own desktop freebie for all of you today. Click on the links below to download. And Merry Christmas!

1024x 1280    1600×1200    1680×1050

Please note that this is for personal use only & can not be claimed as your work. (You may re-blog, re-tweet with credit)

Love Polli xx

28 November 2011


Check out LyricisM, a Japanese brand for some amazing winter goodies!

As it's getting colder and colder here in Qatar I am amazed at how the climate can change so drastically here in the desert. I have one jacket that I brought over from New Zealand and today is the first time I had to put it on. I guess I might have to start looking at some jackets, scarves and mittens.

PS: in 10 days I am flying over to South Africa - eeek!

Love Polli xx

27 November 2011

The list

I designed up some inspirational quotes for you today with some photos my friend Lynsey took when we did a desert safari! It got me thinking about how changing your mindset changes your situation and perspective on things.

For me moving to the Middle East was always going to be a challenge right from the start! I have already learned a few valuable lessons from this place:

1) Give yourself loads of time to adjust to culture shock
2) Don't loose focus of your goal
3) Be love
4) Surround yourself with like minded people
5) Be open to taste new things, see new things and to embrace a new culture

Love Polli xx

26 November 2011

Pure Paper Presents

Get ready for the festive season with getting crafty with some stunning paper from Minimega. She sells beautiful & unique wrapping paper & trinkets. By what I gathered she is also a graphic designer and a mummy but looking her her portfolio. 

Wrapping paper is always second on the list after all the present have been bought, so while you still have some time to catch up on getting all the presents, gets some unique wrapping paper and give it that DIY look.

Love Polli xx

24 November 2011

Moda Key Boutique

Recently I visited Moda Key Boutique here in Qatar, Doha which my friend Harriet recommended to me. I found so many things I just adored in this little shop. It's filled with all things vintage & pretty!

One of my favourite items would have to be the daisy head garland & that vintage blue suitcase in the bottom right hand corner on the bottom. It's so nice to be able to visit a western inspired boutique here in the heart of Doha.

Thanks Moda Key Boutique ! I'll be sure to pop in again soon.

Love Polli xx

23 November 2011

Make believe

Sian from Twelve by One blog tagged me in this blogger initiative started by Sportsgirl, called ‘Believe‘. The idea behind is to share ideas, believes and dreams with all of you.. Great idea  Sportsgirl!

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
An air-hostess

What is your fave childhood memory?Sitting on a big blanket my nanna put on the backyard table under a big tree in summer time playing with all my plastic nail polish & barbies.
And from time to time she would come and check on me and feed me fresh pieces of fruit.

The biggest dream you have right now?
To travel the world with my husband, visiting interesting stores, places and experiencing new cultures. That's why we moved to Qatar for the time and being to do a bit of travelling and to see the world. The expat life is rather fun!

I also wouldn't mind a really creative job. A place where I could be surrounded by cupcakes, macarons and fashion! As a graphic designer I would like to also design more installations and perhaps have my very own store and book for Polli blog one day.

Collaborating with more business, bloggers and creative people would also be on the top of my list as well as to be a stay at home blogger......... I have many dreams, it's too hard to list them all.

Your summer must-have pick from the current Sportsgirl range?
The neutral ballet dress, the party 50's polkadot skirt and the bowery sunglasses, panama hat, tri tribal studs and if you must chuck in the daisy chain garland - ( which is my favourite item on the list!)

Images via the Sportsgirl Believe Magazine

I am tagging: Tori from Voyages of the creative variety, Ilana from See Me Everywhere and Michaela from The Drifter and the Gypsy

Love Polli xx

22 November 2011

DIY Vintage Teacup Candles

Eeeek this is my most favourite DIY project I have stumbled upon. Thanks to Hey Gorgeous blog for sharing this amazing little project. I have no idea where you have found these teacups but they are beyond stunning.

These make great, gifts, favors, Christmas / Birthday gifts and the list can go on..

You will need the following:
• vintage tea cups, any will do
• eco friendly candle wax flakes
• wooden kabob skewer sticks
• scotch tape and sharp scissors
• a stove, a double boiler and bowl
• oven mitts and a hot plate/trivet

Click here to follow the step to step guide to making your very own teacup candle.

Love Polli xx

21 November 2011

Party Styling with Etsy

As the festive season is fast approaching us, it's only appropriate for me to share with you a very  creative and amazing little online paper styling store called The Papered Nest on Etsy. It's filled with beautiful paper goodness, doilies, wooden stand for cupcakes, flags, straws and eclectic paper garlands.

The Papered Nest store have been on my Christmas list for a while now and thought this might be a handy tip for all those who love to entertain. As a second career I would love to be a party stylist!

Remember to enter our amazing Christmas Giveaway here

Love Polli xx