25 July 2009

Lauching Felties

1 2 3....


I am so happy and I hope that everybody would have a looksie at the bits and pieces I have on there. It's still in progress, as it takes time to load up all the photo's and make all of my beloved children lol.

Sorry for being slack this these couple of weeks guys, just been busy organizing my etsy, and life. :) I'm back on track again!

Feel free to leave some comments guys, would love to hear what you think about it. Also if you have some ideas or concepts! :) 

much feltie love!

15 July 2009

Pom Poms

I confess that i have a thing for jackets, duno why but i just do and i found some hotties!
Hats, pearls, jackets & yummy handbags! Hmmm...
One of my favourites are the blue jacket! I sort of have a thing for that colour, brown and white at the moment i think they make good combos!

If anybody has a party or event coming up, you might want to consider these pom poms found by MadeByGirl! They great for birthday's, bbq's, housewarmings or any other events. Use these instead of balloons. This blogger isn't just some ordinary person but a very talented, creative designer!

I have also recently got some bads news yesterday.. And that would be that they company I work for has gone bankrupted! What an awfull feeling I tell you, they might shut the doors any day.. But I'd rather stay on the positive and let God turn this negative into a positive!
Although I have a God that looks after me, if he can feed the birds, He won't let me go without.!
Can I get an Amen!

07 July 2009

Crown of flowers

The cherry blossom girl

Make your own crown of flowers right here

The cherry blossom girl

The last three images where taken by David Hamilton a fantastic photographer I come about to learn. Thanks to the Cherry Blossom girl who I love to visit! (Alex)

06 July 2009

Jelly July

(graphic design work done by me)

.............and what a great birthday it was!  

*i got an amazing violin from my husband, which i need to take
 lessons for! 
i have dreamed about playing the violin since i was a little girl!

*some yummy goodies from diva :) thanks amanda!!!

*2 home baked cakes from my stunning friends! :) 

* and a handmade wallet from a new friend!!

*followed by a nice dinner for 2 @ a new italian restaurant with my sweetheart of a hubby :)

*a honey bee pandora bead from my parents 

*one big package full of goodies from my parents in law
*adorable cupcake molds and doilies from my sister

*i have also sold a whopping 8 Items from my new handmade jewelry collection in one week!
i have taken some photos of them i will do a unique post of it!

i am on a high and nobody can stop me! i just feel short on time! last week was one big blurr .... i hope i can post more this week! ")

01 July 2009

happy birthday 2 me!

happy happy birthday 2 me :0
i am turning 22 and it feels good, i feel more mature and have grown allot!
i think when your little birthday's use to be way more fun!

and no, this isn't me, but isn't it cute!

and a happy
happy birthday to me 2/7/1987

cute cupcakes of course is the key to a yummy and happy birthday

prity cards makes our hearts smile!

birthdays means:
1. you get smarter
2.you enjoy food more because our tastebuds always change
3.if your friends arn't around, it's a prity sad birthday, so birthday's means FRIENDS!
4.Presents are the highlight
5.it's a day where you should do whatever you feel like
6.happy thoughts !
7.you should spread the love
8.make yourself happy if there is nobody around!
9.laugh a bit more than usual
10.stuff your face with cake! it's the one day in the year you have a good excuse!
i have no idea what the day might bring!
So i have made some plans of my own! (sort of)
*work 9:30-5:30
*lunch with a friend possibly
*...................(maybe buy myself something nice)
*wine & movies with my parents 5:30 onwards
*steal some sweet kisses from my husband 8:30 onwards
*indoor netbal finals with friends 9:00pm -10:00pm
-i will buy or make myself a birthday cake :) as a birthday isn't a birthday without cake & balloons! sometimes you just have to take some initiative! :)