17 August 2014

Wreath DIY

Beautiful fern wreath  by Once Wed:
-Ferns, or any other green
-Wreath forms (or stiff wire to make your own)
-Floral wire, clippers
-Break apart the wreath forms into individual rings. (I used a wreath form so that I had a few perfectly circular wire bases for my wreaths. Sometimes it is hard to make your own into a perfect circle.)
-Place the greenery on the ring and beginning at the base of the leaf. Wire it to the ring by wrapping the wire through and around the ring up the leaf.  Be careful not to tuck any parts of the leaf under the wire.
-Place the next leaf on and continue wrapping it with wire the same way until you’ve gone all the way around the ring with leaves.

11 August 2014

Nursery Inspiration

Soooooom I am still up twice a night with little Leon and what I found is while I feed, I find the most inspirational rooms on Instagram. I honestly spend so much time looking at nursery inspiration every night/day. The latest trend is the monochrome obviously but I chose to use yellow & grey for Leon's room. It's quite hard to find things in just yellow or just grey sometimes I have to admit, but I found that if I do try and stick with these colours his room does look really nice in the end. I find Urban Outfitters always good to look at.