28 June 2014

How To Make An Ombre Cake

My birthday is coming up next week (2nd of July) and I am yet to master making an epic cake! I have been on Utube finding out how to make an Ombre cake and stumbled upon this fantastic tutorial! This gets me so excited to bake my cake I have to admit! Fingers crossed I don't make a mess out of it.

21 June 2014

Daily Typography Inspirations

Some beautiful inspirational typography to start the day with from Daily Typography Inspiration. We are on our way to the beach today, hope you all have a beautiful day with family & friends.

20 June 2014


Happy 4 months my little monkey! It's been an amazing journey so far and it seems to be getting better and better the older he gets. Soon we will start on solids which will be exciting! We are enjoying Leon so much, it's so amazing to have your own child.

09 June 2014

Renovated Retro Caravan

You might have seen us share this link on our Facebook page, but I thought it was worth sharing it again for those who haven't seen it. This beautiful fully restored retro caravan is up for grabs here. Just had to share this, as I haven't seen anybody in New Zealand do this. Some people are so clever!