30 June 2011

My Birthday Wishlist 2011

Saturday is my Birthday and I will be turning 24, and I am excited for it! I quickly whipped up my own wish list in Illustrator of things I like, so here goes:

1) Pink peter pan dress from Asos                     2) Kings of Leon CD- Come around Sundown
3) Cath Kidston bag                                          4) Instax camera from Urban Outfitters
5)Ring / Cuf by House of Harlow                         6) OPI yellow nailpolish (Brights - NLB66 The "It" Color)
7) Wallet by Iko Iko                                           8) Urban outfitters gift card
9) Flopy hat by Market HQ                                10) Anything by Leeloo because I love them

I also had my first attempt of using Polyvore which I found so much fun! Honestly this is the new way of shopping. Click here to go check it out.

29 June 2011

Crepe Paper Tutorial

A fun DIY tutorial for you all out there. Thanks to Martha Stewarts website. Is there anything that lady can't come up with.

Use this to spice up a party, wedding, party favors or even a card. 

PS: I am loving all the emails I am getting from the Giveaway we are hosting, keep them coming. If you would like to enter click here.
Love Polli xx

28 June 2011

On a cold winters day

 Vintage teapot   //   Darjeeling yellow teacups gifted by mum from Farmers  //  
Retro tablecloth by  Iko Iko    //  Vintage plate gifted from Etsy

So it's freezing in New Zealand at the moment and the best way to enjoy a cold winter is to eat good food and stay warm. To start the day on a good note I made me & mike some piklets with cream cheese & strawberry jam with a nice cup tea!

The other big news I have been waiting to share with all of you, is that me & my hubby will be
moving to Qatar to live for 2 years in August!!

So if I have any readers from Qatar I'd love to get in touch with you about
what goes on in Doha, Qatar.

Love Polli xx

27 June 2011

Just loving life

Images by Peach Mag
A free European (Dutch) magazine for woman.

Just loving life:
Because I will be hitting 1000 followers on Polli blog soon
Because Jesus loves me
Because I have amazing friends & family
Because I am healthy and able
Because I love my husband
Because I have a roof over my head
Because I can read, write and feel happy
Because I can see, feel, breath, taste & love others
Because life is there to be lived and enjoyed!

Love Polli xx

25 June 2011

Giveaway: Ishe Shop Giftvoucher {CLOSED}

To enter:
♥Visit Ishe Etsy shop and leave a comment below with your favorite piece from Ishe Etsy and email address for me to contact you.

For additional entries:
1) Share this on Facebook
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Giveaway is open to all readers and it ends on the 7th of July 2011, 8:00pm NZ time.

Love Polli xx

24 June 2011

Rosie & Cupcakes

Rosie with her "Little Miss Scary" outfit

Rosie & Me

Last weekend I was enjoying some amazing cupcakes I bought from a stall called "Sweet as cupcakes" from Kaye Pratt in Hawks Bay.

I am also running a great giveaway tomorrow on my blog, so make sure you pop back to in to enter :)

PS: I also have huge news to share with all of you in the next few weeks. :)

23 June 2011

My Asos Peter Pan Collar Dress


Yesterday I received my very first Asos dress in the mail, and I am over the moon! I love it so much that I decided to do another photoshoot of it sometime soon with a friend of mine.  

To get yourself one of these dresses click here - ps: they have it on sale at the moment!

Love Polli xx

22 June 2011

Simple Rhyme: Flower Tutorial

Today's post is simple yet super creative. You can make your very own paper flower. Have a great day :) Love Polli xx

21 June 2011

A glamorous little side project

Gotta love finding new blogs right! Well let me introduce to you a glamorous little side project blog!
{anna maria jagodzinska by laura sciacovelli for vogue uk october 2010 via oh}

PS: I am going to see Water for Elephants tonight with the girls which should be super exciting because I have been wanting to see this movie for quite some time now.

Love Polli xx

20 June 2011

Jackie Rueda Photography

Jackie Rueda is mother, a journalist, a TV writer and a photographer who in 2005, moved with her husband, two girls and cat from the colorful and chaotic hometown of Caracas to the beautiful and quaint in comparison Montreal. 

Love Polli xx

18 June 2011

Domestic Stories with Ivy

I found an adorable little blog yesterday called Domestic Stories with Ivy. A very creative and smart lady she is. Her blog is filled with inspiring photography of her home life & creative spaces and places. Iro is also located in Germany just for interest sake. I always love finding out where people are from?

Love Polli xx

17 June 2011

A Guitar & Me

My husband Mike is great on the guitar! So I took a few lessons the other day. Soon I lost interest and started day dreaming.. tipical me lol ! And yes I do have the guitar the wrong way around, however that just shows you how high my interest levels where lol !

I am on my way to see the my in-laws this weekend. 
What plans have you got for the weekend?
Is it perhaps a night in with a dvd or a catching up with some friends?

Love Polli xx

16 June 2011

Sugar Cube

Seriously, How cute is this? My heart skipped a beat when I found this flickr page! Now you can have your mates over for a cuppa and enjoy a heart shaped sugar cube to brighten your day. I just love this tutorial. :)

Love Polli xx

15 June 2011

Auckland Art & Craft Fair Designers

Sorry but I am still buzzing from the fair, so I just had to share a few more snaps of some artists I had the pleasure of meeting. The fair had me inspired and blowing cash, what more could you want. I was in my element.

PS: Today is the last day to enter our giveaway by Leeloo. Click here to win a goodie bag!

Love Polli xx

14 June 2011

Anna Amphigorously Photography

Loving this photography by Anna Amphigoriously & she is only 16 ! She is so good at photography. It makes me think about the things I am good in. Without being up yourself, it's good to acknowledge your strengths in life, and to focus on things your good at.

What are you good at?
Love Polli xx

13 June 2011

Treats from the Auckland Art & Craft Fair

necklace from that vintage.

This weekend I had the pleasure of going to the Auckland Art & Craft Fair. I bought x2 bows & 4 prints from The Hunter & Gatherer, and a necklace form That Vintage. 

11 June 2011

M&M Cardigan Clips

Aren't these darling? I found this cute as a button post via Much Love blog.  I am hoping to see cute things like this at the craft Auckland Art & Craft Fair which is on today here in New Zealand. I'll be taking snaps just so you know that you will be in on the good stuff 2 !

Love Polli xx

10 June 2011

Dreaming in Daisies

Winter is upon us and daisies are starting to die. I have been wrapping myself up in my pastel pink cardigan by Glassons and bought the new ChiChi smokey eye make up and some Channel bronzer.

I have been watching a few tutorials lately on how to get that perfect smokey eye look and found this one in particular which was very handy.

Happy weekend everybody.!

Love Polli xx