17 June 2011

A Guitar & Me

My husband Mike is great on the guitar! So I took a few lessons the other day. Soon I lost interest and started day dreaming.. tipical me lol ! And yes I do have the guitar the wrong way around, however that just shows you how high my interest levels where lol !

I am on my way to see the my in-laws this weekend. 
What plans have you got for the weekend?
Is it perhaps a night in with a dvd or a catching up with some friends?

Love Polli xx


  1. Just thought you should know, you're incredibly beautiful. :)
    Hmm, I'll be studying for exams this weekend. But there's no doubt that many sun-tea and crafting breaks will occur. Have a lovely time visiting your in-laws!

  2. Another boitiful post! I lobe the stockings and flowers. Its very nice seeing more of you in Polli!

    I hope you can visit me (and follow, if you care to) at www.saintudio.blogspot.com


  3. You are so pretty!

    Also I don't know if you did something different but the quality of these images is amazing! So clear :) Ahh I wish I had a camera as good as yours.

    Have a fun weekend away, looking forward to girls night next week xx

  4. Great photographs. I have never had the attention span to learn an instrument either! This weekend is for relaxing and catching up with friends.

  5. you look so lovely! you look like you belong with that guitar, so maybe give it another go! i have my 4 year old son's birthday party to host, carnival themed, am very excited... :) xx

  6. Pretty outfit! Love these pictures!


  7. You have the guitar upside down in the first picture.

  8. Ha ha... Very cute, but in that first picture, you're holding the guitar upside-down.

  9. You look lovely! The same happened to me. I did try, honestly. I just couldn't understand much of the guitar tabs they taught me.

  10. I was just wondering, what kind of guitar do you have there? I just love the shape of it, its so pretty. I have a Taylor that I love and am trying to learn on but I feel ya', it's easy to lose interest.


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