07 June 2011

Wildfox, Spring 2011 Lookbook


What girl wouldn't love this right? Macarons, candy, feathers & Paris. That's why I love the Wildfox, Spring 2011 Lookbook.  I love that this was lookbook was inspired by Marie Antoinette.  

I just downloaded a screen saver and desktop background from here with the original Marie Antoinette images & cast.

Love Polli xx


  1. I LOVE this. Wildfox always have the best lookbooks, so inspiring x

  2. I like the idea, but for me to much bright on the last photos XD I like more soft and relaxing shoots for cute paris inspiration!! but I love the clothes and candys *___*

  3. beautiful!! i just bought my very first Wildfox sweater. it's quickly becoming my favorite thing in the world.

  4. I saw the lookbook the other day and it's gorgeous! That feast looks so delicious, great post xx

  5. I love the extravagant indulgence going on in the tea party. These clothes are so quirky!!


  6. Nix the junkie look mod and U have perfect Is she angry? Sad ? Happy? Lookin for a wallet to steal for a fix ? The bed shot looks like she/he scored
    Gross represent of a good theme

  7. That wildfox pink jacket is really hip and pretty. She totally rocked that jacket. I love the styling you guys did and the photos are really awesome.

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  8. The print on the shirts looks really hip and fresh, thank you for sharing this collection.


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