26 February 2010

oh my cavalier


I'm so glad that there is always tomorrow! Some days are really good, some are really bad, but the good thing about days are that there is always a tomorrow! :) Hope all of you have a fantastic weekend :)

25 February 2010

What is your childhood memory?


I visit my parents yesterday, and had a good 1 hour conversation on the phone with my granmother in South Africa. As we spoke, she kept on bringing my childhood up. So I picked a few images that make me think of it. I use to pretend that I was on a cooking show on her back poarch and would have all my miniture tea set and pots and pans! I loved it :) It's always great to cherish memories.

What's your childhood memory?

24 February 2010

De Ja Vue

I found the most amazing designer!~ Yes it's De Ja Vue, I have dreamed that I made exactly these pieces - sooo weird! But hey I'l take it as inspiration! These bits are amazing and have inspired me to carry on with my dream of making jewellery which includes this process exactly! :) I think it's so neat! :) I had to share this with all of you!


23 February 2010

5 New Caterpillars!

There seems to be a heap of fans of The Fray! So glad I can share the joys with all of you! My husband is a Primary school teacher, and convinced me to get a Swan Plant! Apparently it attracts butterflies and caterpillars! I have been waiting for a month now and have not seen anything but leaves! Accept this morning, I saw 5 caterpillars for the first time! JOY! So exciting, I also have 2 new tomatoes on my tomato plant and 6 gooseberries!

Enjoy these beautiful pics from Dujour Magazine! Make sure you visit the link :) its amazing!

22 February 2010

Peace & Love

Recently I have felt so peaceful and and in love and happy. It all sort of started with the movie called Furious Love. It makes me think how I shouldn't judge people but rather show love through everything I do.

Some good news as well, I have been going to a few Graphic Design Interviews lately which is a miracle! I am so pleased :) Especially after last year of course!

I'm also looking for some new music to listen too, something like The Fray? If you know some music to recommend do pass it on :) One thing that I can't seem to miss these days are Grey's Anatomy! Are there any fans out there?


18 February 2010



Some pretty things to fill your day! I love finding jewellery :)

Questions for the day:
What is our favourite thing to do to make you feel relaxed>?

17 February 2010

Let the lights shine...

Yes today is a good day!! This week I have been helping choosing jewelery from the store I work for which was really exciting! Here are a few links of the jewellery designers we have been choosing to stock in store: Devil in a skirt, Zsiska and today I am choosing some Police watches.
I watched a movie called Furious love on Sunday as I believe it has changed my concept about things! It was a movie I can recommend for sure!
Thank you for commenting on the last post! Very encouraging! :)
Have a fantastic week! :)

16 February 2010

Vintage Love

Happy times beautiful people! How did your Valentines go>? I am one Pandora richer which makes me a happy gal! So I'm thinking everybody is feeling the financial stretch at the moment or it might just be me.. it's all about not swiping that card! It's the luxuries in life you gota give up some times which makes life just a tad sadder!
Although when things get tight - you get creative right!? I have been walking to work latly just because the car needs to get fixed, and find even by doing that I meet different people, see new things, and get rid of those love handles lol!!
Have a great week!

12 February 2010

Blog of love....

Something that really interest me are people, I get to meet all sort of people from different walks of life, some doctors, some lawyers, some cleaners and some bums!! I really enjoy the people who thinks out of the box! For some reason it just really fascinates me how people can make all sort of things look different through their eyes...Go check out OUR BLOG OF LOVE
Have a great Valentines day!

09 February 2010

Be swooned..

These images makes me want to see Alice in Wonderlan in 3D so bad, especially seeing Avatar in 3D twice! It really comes alive! :) What movies are you waiting to see? I found the photographer on Stompface, she always finds interesting bits and pieces. Have a faboules day!