31 May 2013

Free Bed Slippers Pattern

 Some of you might follow me on Instagram and saw that I started up knitting. I really got into it because Element Eden started an awesome Knit Off Competition. Which you should enter by the way! 

Being a beginner and all, I was looking for something fairly easy and quick.I chose bed slippers since they take a only a few hours to knit. Click here for free the pattern

Happy knitting!

29 May 2013

Free Vintage Fonts

Zwodrei Download

Hey guys, found a few more favourite fonts I wanted to share with you all today. The two last fonts on here request you pay for it through tweeting the link or for you to publish the link on your facebook. Piece of cake!


28 May 2013

Online Shopping With Polli

For those new readers, we wanted to let you know that we run a little online shop on here. Bows and all other little things are all handmade by us and the singlets are imported from France. All our singlets are online, if you want to know about your handmade products feel free to email me on sonevz(at) gmail.com.

Have a great day!

27 May 2013

DIY Guide to Denim Jackets | ASOS

The beauty of denim is that it can be worn year round with anything and everything. It is all encompassing and versatile, dress it up or down, it still looks good. The infamous denim jacket is probably the most iconic piece of denim that has been created for both male and female fashion lovers. It has been worn in many different ways by almost every sub culture over the years; each era has put a unique stamp on the piece.

The most recent trend that a number of fashionistas have been trying out is customising their jackets by sewing on clusters of their favourite badges, buttons or emblems. Lourdes, Madonna’s daughter is seen styling it above during London Fashion week. Jo Greasley, ASOS fashion guru has put together a step- by – step guide to DIY your denim jacket. In three simple steps you can achieve the must have look for 2013.

denim jacket
favourite emblems/buttons/badges
strong needle
fabric glue

Step 1: Position badges on the jacket so you can decide what looks best where, take quick snaps on your phone. Share with your friends and ask for opinion, before permanent positioning.

Step 2: After deciding, fix in place with a dab of glue. Stay away from PVA glue, use fabric glue or an adhesive – Gorilla glue is an excellent option.

Step 3: Don’t be afraid to double up or overlap to get the look that you’re after – push the boat out. You don’t need to be an expert, just understand the basics. Use this as a helpful beginners guide.

25 May 2013

Hello Health

Today I am sharing my lunch with you today. I try to stay on the healthy side of things. I have good and bad days. Today is a good day. I try to stick to fruit & nuts and water and my treat for the day is a jelly bowl and my cup of tea/coffee in the morning. Lunch can often become a chore, so I am open to any suggestions or ideas.

Got any healthy tips or advise to share with us? Why not leave a comment or a link to visit..

22 May 2013

Frankie Magazine, Nail polish & Brownies

I love a good read and painting my nails. Especially on my day off which usually is Sunday & Monday. It's funny how Monday's aren't so blue after all when it's your day off!

I found a mulled wine recipe in the latest Frankie Magazine as well which I am eager to try out. Fingers crossed it taste as good as it smells.

Chai Tea Recipe

I'm not so much of coffee person and would way rather choose a pot of hot chai over an espresso coffee believe it or not. Some people think I am a tad odd because of it, I just call it intelligent taste buds. I am much more of a tea girl. Name them, I have drank them all...rooibos, elderflower, green tea, white tea, peach nectar and of course my all time favourite has to be chai tea.


(4 cups of tea)


  • 8 cardamom seeds
  • 8 cloves
  • 4 black peppercorns
  • 2 cinnamon sticks
  • 2 cups whole milk
  • 8 teaspoons sugar or more, to taste
  • (I use brown sugar to give that caramel taste)

1. Place all spices in a saucepan on the stove and add your milk. Let steep for 10minutes. 

2. Pour into mugs and add sugar to taste. Enjoy!

20 May 2013

Yellow Mellow | Outfit

top, yellow skirt and red loafers - cotton on

A quick hi from the comfort of my bed. I had a great day today and enjoyed catching up with friends, sleeping in, blogging, reading Frankie Magazine & putting together puzzle pieces. 

18 May 2013

Tea Time | Martha's Pantry

Awhh Wellington you have endless amounts of awesome places to eat, see and shop at ! Why don't I live there again? Oh yeah, because your weather is outrageous. 

If you haven't yet found Martha's Pantry it's at the top of Cuba street. They specialize in high-teas only so make sure you go there for a slice of cake or try out their world famous  milkshakes.

16 May 2013

Six Barrel Soda Co.

While visiting Wellington we found a cool coffee shop called  Six Barrel Soda Co. You can expect cute paper straws, tunes from The Beatles, warm and friendly staff and a "home like" atmosphere. It's of the beaten track and a bit hidden. If you do get the chance to travel to Wellington do mark this place down in your dairies as it's definitely worth a stop.

15 May 2013

Thrifting on Cuba Street | Travel

They don't call Cuba street New Zealand's coolest street for nothing. It's home to the hipsters, thrifters, artists and lovers of vintage. You can find all sorts of treasures from clothing, interior, art and the odd instrument here or there on Cuba street, Wellington. 

This might be a wild statement but I prefer Wellington to Auckland any day, without the wind of course. 

14 May 2013

Forever Young

It's Mike's Birthday today! For those of you who don't know, we have been married for four and a half years. I made him his favourite cake which is carrot cake. We are planning to go out for a wine after work to celebrate with family. He has his eye on a winter wetsuit (I might have to break the bank on this one). 

11 May 2013

Free Fonts

Download Lavanderia here

Download Abraham Lincoln here

Download Blanch here

Download Carton here

Being a graphic designer as well as a blogger I wanted to share a few favorite fonts I love to use. I know most of us are always on the hunt for free fonts we can use. So all you have to do is type in the number 0.00 in the amount box when you download and it will automatically start downloading. Happy downloading everyone!

10 May 2013

Typo Stationary

I was lucky enough to have received a few gifts from friends last week which made my day. The card and the pencil is from a new favorite shop called Typo which is owned by The Cotton On Group which most Australians and New Zealanders would would know very well.

It's so funny how little things like this can cheer you up.

08 May 2013

Make Your Own Book By Blurb

After loosing some photos on my computer, I wanted to get books made instead of keeping my photos on my laptop. If I was to loose all the photos of all our traveling I think I would walk around with a big broken heart for the rest of my life.

I researched a few online book stores and tried out Blurb. I spend $40 US for to get a coffee table book of our trip in Italy and it looks like a book I bought it from a store. My next investment will be to print a few more of our trip in France, Spain, Greece, South Africa, Dubai & Qatar...

In the near future I would definitely consider having my very own blog book from Blurb. They really encourage bloggers to get their own books out there which I think is such a great idea..

07 May 2013


Last week was also a difficult one for me, as my auntie in South Africa passed away, her name was Helleen Kleynhans. Sadly being so far away from pretty much any country in the world I wasn't able to attend the funeral which was yesterday.I don't usually post about these types of things but I just felt the need to today.

04 May 2013

4 Ways To Wear A Beanie

Finally I got my hands on a knitting pattern. I had to learn the abbreviations but was lucky enough to have a few friends show me the ropes. I successfully knitted my first beanie and gifted it to my sister-in-law for the winter. 

4 Ways To Wear A Beanie:

1. Over your face = sneaky sleep time
2. Side on covering ears = feeling snug
3. Flopped back = casual Tuesday
4. Flopped to the front = I'm ready to party

If you are into knitting or might want to start learning you might want to have a look at this. 

02 May 2013

Things To Do In Wellington

 Things to do in Wellington

Me & Mike had the opportunity to visit Wellington here in New Zealand and looked up a few things to do while staying there. We had so much fun and would like to recommend a few things to see and do: 

1) Ride the cable car
2) Visit the Botanical Gardens 
3) Visit the Dowe Museum 
4) Drink a milkshake at Martha's Pantry 
5) Visit the Weta Workshop and see all the props from Lords of The Rings, 
King Kong and Narnia
6) Drink coffee at Six Barrel Soda Co