27 May 2013

DIY Guide to Denim Jackets | ASOS

The beauty of denim is that it can be worn year round with anything and everything. It is all encompassing and versatile, dress it up or down, it still looks good. The infamous denim jacket is probably the most iconic piece of denim that has been created for both male and female fashion lovers. It has been worn in many different ways by almost every sub culture over the years; each era has put a unique stamp on the piece.

The most recent trend that a number of fashionistas have been trying out is customising their jackets by sewing on clusters of their favourite badges, buttons or emblems. Lourdes, Madonna’s daughter is seen styling it above during London Fashion week. Jo Greasley, ASOS fashion guru has put together a step- by – step guide to DIY your denim jacket. In three simple steps you can achieve the must have look for 2013.

denim jacket
favourite emblems/buttons/badges
strong needle
fabric glue

Step 1: Position badges on the jacket so you can decide what looks best where, take quick snaps on your phone. Share with your friends and ask for opinion, before permanent positioning.

Step 2: After deciding, fix in place with a dab of glue. Stay away from PVA glue, use fabric glue or an adhesive – Gorilla glue is an excellent option.

Step 3: Don’t be afraid to double up or overlap to get the look that you’re after – push the boat out. You don’t need to be an expert, just understand the basics. Use this as a helpful beginners guide.


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