30 September 2010

Quirky things I like ...

I Found a few quirky things that I would like to have one day. It includes this apple memo pad from Design Museum which is so adorable you can even get a pear. The other vintage bits are all from Svpply which is an amazing online store to shop at.
Love Polli xx

They Journey

 I am in love with theses photo's! Just stunning. Tanks to Karen Michelle for bringing such beauty and inspiration to us. 

Been a busy one this week trying to update  my cv/portfolio, I just don't seem to have enough time in the day & night time.

Love Polli xx

29 September 2010

A paper pencil treat


Oh goodie tonight is the last night to choose a winner for the vintage camera giveaway!
 If you havn't yet entered there is still time ! Get in quick! Thanks to everybody who have entered so far, I have visited  most of your blogs if you put one down.

On a creative note I thought I would share this lovely creation with you. On paper pencil, you can download the template to making your very own paper pencil, they make great favors. 

Love Polli xx

28 September 2010

Paper tissue

Oh joy, I am loving the big response to the vintage red camera! Thanks to everybody who has enterd! I can't wait to pick a winner!

In the meantime enjoy these beauties from papertissue


Love Polli xx

26 September 2010

Giveaway: Vintage Red Graflex Camera

I am hosting my second giveaway on here from Polli  .

What you win: this red vintage graflex 35E camera 

To be in the running :
- become a follower or
- leave a comment on this post or
- blog about this or
- link this post on your facebook

Open to all readers, international included. I'll pick a winner on Thursday 2nd October at night (new zealand time). If you don't have a bloggers account just leave your email address so I can contact you. Good Luck!
(do note that this camera does not work and that it's for looks only)

Love Polli xx

25 September 2010

Wedding Bliss

My Saturday just flew right by me! Out of that big list of mine I pretty much managed to do about 3 of them! lol... it's just so much better being a couch potato & watching movies with your hubby! Not to mention catching up on your social life! 

I did however found these beautiful wedding invitations / illustrations from Kelli Murray from San Diego, CA to swoon over. . .  enjoy

Love Polli xx

24 September 2010

Boutique Delight


Found via http://mialinnman.blogspot.com a new beautiful blog which you just have to go check out! You are bound to find mouthwatering Interior photography! Bliss!

I will spend my saturday crafting up a storm!
To do list for Saturday:
- walking with my sister and catching up
- photographing a give away which will be featuring son
- do some of my own photography
- create some "new" illustrations
- google some ways on how to make a pretty wallet /bag / cushions
- find out where I can get my own stamp made in Hamilton
- do some textile design
- work in my veggie garden
- give my hubby lots of kisses

23 September 2010

French Kitten


Haha these made me laugh - and after laughing I liked it and decided to post it and see what your reaction is? I thought  the idea was so original, who would have though that a cat's face would look so good on a body !

Found via fieldguided.blogspot.com

Polli xx

22 September 2010

Shona Heath Set Designer

Wow wow wow is all I can say, I am in love with this photographer Time Walker ! I am off to getting my white chocolate chip cookies out of the oven hmmm my entire house smells amazing!
Love Polli xx

21 September 2010

Miss Rabbit

Thanks for all the lovely comments on my Illustrations :) It's rather daring sometimes to release your own art into the world. Today

I had some time to wash my car, and plant my new lettuces into my veggie garden! Hopefully the slugs won't get them! Is it true that if you throw egg shells around your plants that slugs won't eat it lol?

Love Polli xx

20 September 2010

My New Illustrations

Just as I promised I did a lovely post on some of my new collections of Illustrations.
To view my entire Flick account click here 


(Please do credit my work if you wish to use it as well as my blog)-My new Illustrations won't be released onto my Flickr account until Wed

Love Polli xx

19 September 2010

Soap Me Up


This weekend was pure delight! I can't wait to share my adventures with you! I found some amazing teapots, teacups, vintage tins, stockings and vintage candyshops! I strolled down the streets of Napier and visited my favourite store "House Of Aroha"!

Coming soon:
My Illustrations (new)
Photography of my Opshop adventures
A special feature on a friend which I will get to photograph
Me guest blogging on __________ blog

16 September 2010

Karin Soderquist Illustrations

Karen Soderquist Art

I am visiting my lovely in-laws this weekend! It's sooo nice just to get away and enjoy their amazing sunshine and cherry blossom trees here in Hawk Bay! 

We got here at 9pm and on our bed was a whole lot of presents, I even got a little cupcake with 2 candles to blow out for my Birthday which was 2nd July. How amazing! We are off to get a coffee & breakfast in town and soak up the sun. 

Happy Weekend Everybody!

15 September 2010

"I love you" Design

"I love you" by Adolfo Corre is an epic graphic designer! He has been featured in magazines such as IDN and have also done some recent work for Adidas!

What I received today:
Smooch & hug from my amazing husband "Mike"
A cuddle from my old ginger cat

What I gave today:
A stir fry dinner
A lovely clean house
I gave my time to talk to our neighbours
White chocolate chip cookies with a big glass of milk
A friendly Facebook message
I gave design work 

14 September 2010

Tattoo's I like

Which one is your favorite?

Things I received:
A nasty text
A smile
Lovely phone call
Sweet text from my husband
A wake up kiss

Things I gave:
Home-made fudge
Kiss & Hug
Chocolate chip cookies

Love Letters

Images found via Eat Drink Chic 

Things I received today:
Chocolate Cake
Lovely Text

Things I gave today:
Lots of chocoalte chip cookies!
Tin full of fundge

13 September 2010

Natalia Sanabria's Illustrations

Natalia Sanabria, or ‘NATALEA’ on Flickr, is a talented illustrator whose stencils come to life with her sparing use of watercolors. Each of her illustrations—just a few can be seen in the gallery—is lively and fun.

What I received today:
Words of encouragement
Little bit of sad news, A little bit of good news

What I gave today:
A couple of jokes
My time to blogging
A phone call to my parents
Text to my sister
Cups of tea and coffee