26 May 2009

My designs

and this is the back (inside)

this is the front

recently i have put up my name to volanteer to do design for our church and i got picked to do June & August! i had a heap of fun doing it so i thought i would share it with all of you! :)
,let me know what you think?

Lucia Holm

look amanda another indian hat thing going! i think its trend!

Lucia Holm

is one amazing chick! She mostly does self portraits which means she models/design and take the photo's all by herself its amazing! Her work is to drool over and I can't seem to get enough of it either.

and here is a little bit more about her.....

Hello all!

My name is Lucia Holm, but my friends call me Lulu.

You may know me as Miss Lulu & The Teaspoon Shortage (if you are a myspace/flickr member). I received my BFA from Rhode Island School of Design in 2004, and my MFA from New York Academy of Art in 2006. Since then, I've been doing freelance work, both fine art and photography related. Each photo is taken and edited by me (and styled thus far).

Every photograph I take is a wonderful learning experience..I'm interested in working with new faces (models, makeup artists, stylists, etc.)--Can't take self portraits forever!
If you are from the NJ/NY area, and we see eye to eye, I'd love to work with you!
I'm just an hr from Manhattan, and 15 minutes from the beach here in Central Jersey.


and in the prity little pink letter P is my blog!
wow i am over the moon, Amanda Thomas from Here Comes the Sun  is a great friend of mine, and text me 8:00am this morning with the amazing news!

yipay thanks to Here Comes the Sun, my blog got in dujour magazine!
check it out when you go to the home page and find the first blog posted! 



Lucinda van Zyl
 Yusuke Okuyama

i can't wait help her organize the most amazing and romantic day of her life! 
also my wedding photos will be arriving in a couple of days including our wedding album!

25 May 2009



I want to ride a bike with my husband but ours got stollen ... :) which is unfortunate
its ok because its freezing here at the moment , but when the sun pokes its head out on the weekends it makes me want to dance in the sunlight

I think its so easy to forget to have fun! With winter creaping up all of a sudden and we are all stuck in our houses there isn't much fun things to do unless your drinking an entire can out of Milo everyday & watching endless movies!
So I want to hear from U what you like to do as fun (5 tips)?!
Because I am out of ideas and need inspiration from ALL OF YOU!
Provide a simple few tips and it will benefit us ALL..

  1. try not to stay at home all the time and make efforts

  2. in going for walks and feeding the ducks

  3. try and find a place you have never been too close by, for example:
    restaraunt,video store,op shop,gallery

  4. do something out of the ordinary everyday, (if you keep walking pass a shop you have never been into go and have a look anyways, there might be hidden treasures)

  5. smile a bit more, and laugh at silly things

  6. bake something

22 May 2009


die bosveld
BLOEMHOFsouth africa ...how i remember it
somehow we always USE TO pick UP these little toys

i use to ride him in the nature reserve

when you where bored.. this is where you go to inspire your mind..

20 May 2009


  • i would love to go for a photo shoot and dress up with my friends and pretend we are in a photo shoot

  • i wish i was as brave as a lion when i get attacked
  • i wish that everybody would just LOVE

  • i wish there was more justise in the world and that poverty never existed
  • i wish that travelling would be cheap as chips and that paperwork never existed

  • buying a diamond rings from Israel & Italy

  • having a cupcake day where i get to make crazy icing designs just like the ones i have posted on my blog recently

  • i want to make clothing, i wish i knew how to work my sewing machine properly
  • get Lazar eye surgery
  • going for adventures in the forest with my hubby & building our own camp fire and eating marshmallows while looking at the stars
  • i wish the sun would show its face more
  • i wish i had more followers
  • i wish i can get my shoes fixed
  • I WISH nightmares wont scare me

  • i want to have my own cherry blossom tree in front of my bedroom
  • i would love to stay at home and be creative and make everything i set my mind to instead of putting it of!

  • i want to be a photographer,textile designer,travel & take photos of my beautiful husband

  • id love to own all the french furniture and decorate my house with a middle eastern/European look
  • i wish relationships where as easy to maintane as having a cup of coffee

  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • i wish NOBODY ever had to work and that EVERybody lived in harmony WITh vegetable gardens, feathers in our hair and sing songs to eachother..

PIN UP ..is here

pin up is HERE!

i love the postcard with the pin up girl!
the vintage look is beautiful :)
and below is a link for the blog! go and visit!
me and a couple of friends are wanting to do a photoshoot soon, we have done one in the past at an old house, and i thought they where quite good! I think we should do a combination of indie and pin up this time! When we actualy do this i will post some fotos up for sure!

i would love to look like this little model i think she is stunning! :)
i want her clothes

18 May 2009

clay creations

i like being crafty but lately i have been slack, due to being busy & its cold!i have been watching movies with my hubby on the couch over the weekends and i really recommend watching Caramel! Reminded me of Paris but Caramel is the Lebanese version! i find middle eastern culture SO interesting and i think they have the most beautiful people in the world! If you dont mind subtitles you should love this! :)
+ the soundtrack is just beautiful!
let me know what your thoughts is about it!