08 May 2009

hmm neclaces

cute art!
yipay for prity flower hairpins

my favourite! little birdy with old writing on brown paper

a bubble flutterby neclace

i love these old bikes, i wish i owend one so i can ride like a wild child into the city with a brown frily frock and a peach scarf and pretend i am in the movies hehe...


  1. thanks hun!
    thank you for all your sweet comments on my blog :)

  2. oh, wow!!! i love the bike necklace. very precious.

  3. i'm wondering if you could tell me who made this bike necklace. i would like to use it in an upcoming post about bicycles on my Jorjah-B blog.

  4. Wow, so lovely! These are amazing!

    Oh, and you've been tagged =)


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