20 May 2009


  • i would love to go for a photo shoot and dress up with my friends and pretend we are in a photo shoot

  • i wish i was as brave as a lion when i get attacked
  • i wish that everybody would just LOVE

  • i wish there was more justise in the world and that poverty never existed
  • i wish that travelling would be cheap as chips and that paperwork never existed

  • buying a diamond rings from Israel & Italy

  • having a cupcake day where i get to make crazy icing designs just like the ones i have posted on my blog recently

  • i want to make clothing, i wish i knew how to work my sewing machine properly
  • get Lazar eye surgery
  • going for adventures in the forest with my hubby & building our own camp fire and eating marshmallows while looking at the stars
  • i wish the sun would show its face more
  • i wish i had more followers
  • i wish i can get my shoes fixed
  • I WISH nightmares wont scare me

  • i want to have my own cherry blossom tree in front of my bedroom
  • i would love to stay at home and be creative and make everything i set my mind to instead of putting it of!

  • i want to be a photographer,textile designer,travel & take photos of my beautiful husband

  • id love to own all the french furniture and decorate my house with a middle eastern/European look
  • i wish relationships where as easy to maintane as having a cup of coffee

  • .
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  • i wish NOBODY ever had to work and that EVERybody lived in harmony WITh vegetable gardens, feathers in our hair and sing songs to eachother..


  1. Great list! I really wish traveling was cheap too. Then I'd do it all the time ^_^

  2. i like that mix.
    btw thanks a lot for your cute comment.

  3. oooh i LOVE this! You're amazing!

    P.s i miss you! was hoping to see you last night. maybe come to Laura's birthday with me on Fri night? You're invited, she just lost a lot of her phone contacts.

    Or else see you at Mericia's on Sat night or church!

  4. i like this post...:)
    oh i stillneed to write a post about you tagging me:)

  5. Yeah I would like that too but unfortunatly, life isn't as great as this.
    Thank you for your lovely comment. I believe that if you really wish for those things you can have it all. For example you can become very rich by playing the lotterie (it doesn't work everytime but maybe you will be lucky!!), if you want to wear feathers in your hair, you can! and if you want a vegetable garden you can always make your own in your house!
    I'm gonna leave you now!


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