13 May 2009

foxi jewelery

i am a big fan of mr fox! i think he is adorable! good photography!
i would like to wear these with the neclace :)

i quite like the birdy neclace i think its rather sweet~!

isn't mr fox the cutest!
to find this creative person who made this check this out for more of these goodies! or even better go visit her blog---------->


  1. o! how i adore thease! this all is so cute, the fox and the tree are my faves

  2. i favorited this etsy seller a little while back when i saw her fox designs. SO CUTE! hadn't seen the "hello" necklace though. i love it! ^_^

  3. yah she is very good! i wish i can make jewelery like this. I wonder what its made off?Cute picture of you Lauren! :)

  4. this is soooooo cute!!!!! i love the littel birds..stuffed animals, etc.

  5. so cute! i love the "hello" necklace.

    thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog. that made my night! :)

    your blog uses the same template that my Jorjah-B blog used to have. i recently took the dots off, but when i saw yours, it made me miss them again. my husband told me not to take them off, because he like them. :)

    i've only ever seen a couple of others use this template. i loved it right away, because i have a thing for circles and dots.

    have a great week ahead!



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