31 October 2010

Summer Dresses

I discovered an Oh so lovely online shop called Evoke Vintage! Such yummy vintage pieces! I might live on this shop during my summer! My fav has to be the red polka dot dress.

PS: There is still time to enter the Giveaway which is closing soon. Click here to enter
Good luck!

30 October 2010

Pretty things

Mel Robson is a ceramic artist in Brisbane, Australia. She does amazing work! Head over to her blog to check out her work. Found via ohhellofriend.

Love Polli xx

28 October 2010

Giveaway: Vintage Red Graflex Camera Winner!

Thank you everybody entering this giveaway below! I have seen facebook, twittering, blog posts, new followers and a whole lot of comments!

Ever wondered who won the Vintage Red Graflex Camera? Barbara from 
"Hello I am nice" blog won the giveaway and received her prize today in Spain! She took these darling photo's!

Love Polli xx

26 October 2010

GIVEAWAY Vintage Owl Wheat Bag

This months giveaway is a vintage owl wheat pack!

Open to all readers, international included.
To be included in this giveaway you have to:
a) become a follower or
b) leave a comment or
c) blog about this or
d) facebook / twitter this giveaway

I have a few more giveaways coming up, so do check back for them! Winners are selected by random.org. Giveaway expires on the 21st of November 2010 (Sunday night, New Zealand Time)
Love Polli xx

25 October 2010

Ameelia Bedelia's Vintage Delights

I am waken by the beautiful sun-rays this morning and a ball of fluff staring me right in the eye (my ginger cat). Attempting to have my morning coffee I stumbled upon Ameelia Bedelia's Etsy store instead!

What a way to start the day with retro plates and quirky ornaments! 

Love Polli xx

23 October 2010

riddle me. this

I went to High School with Liz Proverbs', the creator of riddle me. this ! An amazing designer

who recently attended New Zealand Fashion Week!

Feel free to check out her amazing shop here. 

Which outfit is your fav?

 Love Polli xx

22 October 2010

Happy Happy Joy Joy


Dreamy photography from Frankie Magazine's Facebook 
Thank you everyone so so much for your kind comments on my last post

I am also interested in knowing whether or not you by second hand goods online and which store if your favorite?
Love Polli xx

Style Me Pretty

Here is a extra treat for the long weekend coming up!! Honestly, if you want to see some serious romantic photography you gotta go visit Style Me Pretty. Get ready to be inspired!

Happy Long Weekend in New Zealand 

Love Polli xx

21 October 2010

Red Velvet

I can not stop myself going to www.redvelvetart.com and swooning! I discovered that they got some amazing tats while strolling through the vintage pages of the red velvet chronicles lol! 

I love all these vintage bits and bobs! Do you do much vintage shopping? What's your favorite picks?

Love Polli xx

20 October 2010

Wild Flowers & Books

Alec Vanderboom is a fantastic photographer based in the midwest, missourie, ozarks. He has a quirky sense of style and I LIKE it! So talented.

On another note I  am also finishing up with my current job as an online editor and graphic designer on Friday, which will leave me with allot of time on my hands to blog! 
I have currently been working on a little project secretively which I will probably share within a month or so. And I also have another GIVEAWAY coming this way so keep your lovely eyes sealed to the screen lol.

Love Polli xx

19 October 2010

Vintage Mirrors

I found "Playing Grown Up blog via Dujourmag! Always a must to check out! She has an amazing Etsy store here! A very talented chicky that's for sure! My favorite would be top pink one! I love Playing Grown Up's blog it's super cute!

Love Polli xx

18 October 2010

A beautiful mess

After work I either try and go for a run or walk with a friend. Today me and Rhiannon got talking while walking and she told me about this amazzzzzing website called www.redvelvetart.com  an online arts and crafts store. Elsie started this entire thing with her best friend and sister! She started this 6 years ago and it all just booooomed! They all have blogs you can visit. If you wish to visit Elsies blog click here!

I believe these girls are living my dream! I can't wait to get started on all my crafty projects now! Do note that this website will keep you drooling for hours on straight! Definitely a new favourite of mine..*your bookmarked for sure!


Love Polli xx

17 October 2010

Pastel delight

My dear bloggers, I had a fantastic weekend filled with friends, food, wine, happyiness, adventures the emergency clinic (my husband mike cut his foot surfing).

Other than that while flicking through Tabitha Emma's beautiful blog I found these soft & pretty photo's by The Cherry Blossom girl

Love Polli xx

16 October 2010

Alter Ego Moment

We recently had an epic "Alter Ego" dress up party! I had an identity crisis and  decided an hour before the party to go as Gwen Stefani! The only thing I kinda had going was the big turd curl on my forehead which I tried to imitate from a picture I googled, hahah....!

tagged is: Michelle (top left & bottom) from "What is this in my hand" and Amanda (top right) from "Here Comes The Sun"

Love Polli xx

15 October 2010

Zim & Zou


Zim & Zou is a french graphic design studio based in Nancy (France). Composed of Lucie Thomas and Thibault Zimmermann who studied graphic design in an artschool, they're now working together to offer their services. The studio proposes a contemporary approach of design thanks to a mix of different fields such as paper sculpture, installation, graphic design, illustration, webdesign... Zim&Zou's strength is to be a complementary and polyvalent duo.

 Love Polli xx

14 October 2010

Polaroid Joy


SusannahTucker has a great etsy store which I like to visit from time to time. She is also a self taught photographer and full time mother, need I say anymore?

I found a secondhand polaroid camera, and I am not sure if it still works. Does anybody know how to test it?
I have never worked with one before?
Love Polli xx