24 June 2009

Vintage Interior

hmmmmm yummy....
I have only ever seen the online verion but not the actual magazine..
looks very cool

This is so sweet! I love little quirky things like this! :)
maybe my husband can get a hint through this lol!

imagen bathing in almond coconut mix honey, with romantic candle lights!


What a exciting post! My first Interior post! I found the photographer through Darjeeling Dream's as her post are always so inspiring!

23 June 2009

Wedding Invitations

I have a friends wedding and my sisters wedding invites to make in October & December, so I thought I'd give it a head-start since I have a few other things to do! And since we bought a new printer/scanner over the weekend I have been able to scan and print my little heart out! Which makes me get up at 7:30 in the morning before I go to work! Talk about some dedication! I guess when you love doing something you time doesn't matter sometimes! :)
And since my hubby is an early bird and goes running in the freezing cold at 6:30 I sort of just wake up with him :)

I also watches Nick & Norah's infinite play list last night with my hubby Mike and I loved it!! :) 
I recommend it! 

PS:If you have some feedback/inspiration or some advise to share I am happy to hear from you!~ tell me which one is your most favorite!

just want to say a special thanks to all my followers! :) 

i just quickly took a few screenshots! I have scanned in my doodles and mirrored the illustrations and played with different color schemes.


20 June 2009

Lucia Holm!

and once again i have found more beautiful images by this photographer Lucia Holm! If you go through my letters you are sure to find some more images on her, she is at the moment my favourite photographer :) she even does self portraits she is truly a masterpiece!
i always look for new and fresh images on her and this time i just happend to find it on lookbook.nu

other than that i have discovered a nose ring, and i have been wearing it since yesterday.. now my husband is growing a beard which i totally hate! So we made a bet, I'll take out the nose ring, only if shaves ! lol... we shall see how long this will go on for! He is not very impressed!  

18 June 2009


i thought i'd quickly design a header to introduce such a beautiful flower :)


I have this crazy fascination of peonies, they where at my wedding in my buck-ay !
 I just think they are one of the most beautiful flowers :)

15 June 2009

Handmade jewelery

june is a bit quite here and usually we do a big sale worth 30% off on everything in store, and it just got me a bit inspired to look at some new ranges i can possibly show the owner.
check out.....

also something very exciting happend for a monday! my sister and my mother came in to pay me a visit, and one of the part timers who work for me works opposite me in the same road at a boutique wedding dress and ball gown shop. And with my sisters new engagement, we had to try on a few beauties and i think it's a possiblity that we have found one?! shhhh
i'l keep everybody posted on the wedding information as i am doing the wedding invitations! :)

I am over the moon that Lucinda my sister, chose out the most perfect theme for me to design her wedding invitations in.
She chose out cream, browns, golds and everything is going to follow a romance theme, which will include old love letters, birdcages, letters, coffee stains, vintage keys & polaroids! Who can resist!
I am in heaven and will be going home inspired and full of energy designing the most beatiful wedding invitations i have ever seen :)
if anybody would like give me some more advise on wedding invitations or ideas
i am more than happy to hear from you!

10 June 2009


my latest doodles on my husbands arms, i'm so happy he lets me do this too him :) hehe

i love detailed drawings and interesting illustrations. each one is always different from another one. maybe someday we can get ourselves matching tattoo's :)

louise cake & tats

08 June 2009

walking the streets of melbourne on honeymoon my new to be husband took me into alannah hill's store and i was swept away by everything about it! i was totally hooked! Just not on the price of course, as i walked out empty handed but with a free catalogue of course and i'f kept it hidden in my treasure box since about 6 months ago now..
 I'f been waiting to blog about this! It's like the cherry on top! lol :) if i had a wardrobe like this everyday i would be the happiest girl! I love everything about this photo-shoot! 

07 June 2009


HI guys
I hope you like the new change that has followed~ 
my trusty friend amanda baxter helped me fix me up! 

she is a fashion goddess! click here for her blog
ok well gota run on my way to church !
bye bye

05 June 2009

it's all about felt!

These couple of days after we had the queens birthday i have decided to really get into making crafty felt creations. After hours and days researching through etsy i have found these interersting trees and bird houses!
Now i have been prity much just making felt brooches & necklaces. But hey look at this.. I thought this was very creative and inspiring to me to not just stop at making brooches and necklaces but to explore felt in different ways.. lol. i sound like i am philosophising about felt ~!
It keeps me busy and I want to buy a printer so I can design my own lable and all and give etsy and my store a taste of my own creations.. :)
Winter is creeping up more and more everyday and so me and mike gave into the cold and purchased a new oil heater as well as a fan heater for our room. I woke up this morning and there was water dripping from the window sill? My mother in law is also coming this weekend, which means I have to clean my butt off this afternoon when I get home. We want a nice cozy warm house for them to walk into and hopefully not a wet damp one in the morning!
Me and Mike spoke about our trip overseas, and it sounds like our trip would be well planned and done in 6-8 months, atleast our budget! The plan for now is South-Africa, Morocco, Egypt - Europe, France, Italy, Holland, Greece, Mexic, Peru and I wouldn't want to miss going to Hungary to see a good friend of mine called Niki.
I can't wait to go overseas it's a burning desire! And we can't wait to go...
For now I am keeping busy with friends & family and of course my felt creations to keep me occupied until we have enough saved!
find these creations here

01 June 2009

Brooches, fun & love

coming soon

Over the weekend we had to go see mike's grandmother, she was very depressed and she lives alone and of course there are always family dramas included. So we thought we would take a wonder to go to the beach and go on a adventure. I have never been to Whakatane, and so Ohope was just about 5min drive to this beautiful beach. Me & Mike discovered our inner photographer and went for it lol!