05 June 2009

it's all about felt!

These couple of days after we had the queens birthday i have decided to really get into making crafty felt creations. After hours and days researching through etsy i have found these interersting trees and bird houses!
Now i have been prity much just making felt brooches & necklaces. But hey look at this.. I thought this was very creative and inspiring to me to not just stop at making brooches and necklaces but to explore felt in different ways.. lol. i sound like i am philosophising about felt ~!
It keeps me busy and I want to buy a printer so I can design my own lable and all and give etsy and my store a taste of my own creations.. :)
Winter is creeping up more and more everyday and so me and mike gave into the cold and purchased a new oil heater as well as a fan heater for our room. I woke up this morning and there was water dripping from the window sill? My mother in law is also coming this weekend, which means I have to clean my butt off this afternoon when I get home. We want a nice cozy warm house for them to walk into and hopefully not a wet damp one in the morning!
Me and Mike spoke about our trip overseas, and it sounds like our trip would be well planned and done in 6-8 months, atleast our budget! The plan for now is South-Africa, Morocco, Egypt - Europe, France, Italy, Holland, Greece, Mexic, Peru and I wouldn't want to miss going to Hungary to see a good friend of mine called Niki.
I can't wait to go overseas it's a burning desire! And we can't wait to go...
For now I am keeping busy with friends & family and of course my felt creations to keep me occupied until we have enough saved!
find these creations here


  1. I am more than happy you like the pictures!! My friend would LOVE your comment :)

  2. Love that tree !!
    & Love seeing your photos, such an inspiration :)

  3. so cute. i live the tree with the birds best.

    i also really like your blog banner. what a great photo.


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