31 October 2012

Life On Instagram

(all pictures from my instagram @polliblog)
It was the long weekend here and we stayed in Doha and decided to save our pennies for a trip somewhere over Christmas. So we decided to make memories in Doha instead. I baked a bit (burned a few cupcakes), enjoyed heading out to the desert (pictures to come). Enjoyed a lovely lunch at 
The W Hotel & spend some quality time with my hubby & friends.
I am working on a giveaway soon so keep your eyes pealed.

29 October 2012

Nomad Interview: Guest Post

Carla Mallari

1. When and why did you start blogging?
I started my blog about three years ago, during my sophomore year in university while I was studying fashion design. I thought it would be a great idea to celebrate Qatar's diversity through fashion.

2. Have any tips and advice for to share with us? 
In fashion blogging, just have fun with it! Whatever content you choose for your blog just make sure it's something that genuinely interests you, and resist posts that you think is just out to get readers and hits. But that goes for anything, your best work comes when there's passion involved.

3. What are you favourite blogs? 
 I'm currently following Men in this Town. It's a photo blog full of men's street-style. I love menswear and each time I land on this blog, the more I'm tempted to try and create a menswear line.

 4. How does a blogger & fashion designer such as you get their name out there?
Network, network, network! Get those business cards rolling, put your charm on and use all your socialising skill set.

 5. Where do you shop?
I shop pretty much anywhere, Zara, Suite Blanco, H&M, Mango, Splash, Top Shop, Warehouse, etc. In Qatar, the style choices are quite limited, but I do manage to find an eccentric piece or two here and there. When I'm out of town, I like to shop at market places and little boutiques. Never online though, it's too tempting and I'm more likely to end up eating cup noodles for the rest of the month.

6. What hobbies do you have? 
I don't know really, my hobby has turned into something that I do for a living now. I do like to go out for a drive and have a gander in the mangroves, get in touch with nature.

7. What do you do for a living?
I do a number of things! I'm a freelancer. I design for independent clothing brands and sportswear lines. I'm also a wardrobe stylist for TV commercials and I style for magazine editorials. I'm beginning to delve into costume design too. And, as you know I run a street-style blog. AND, I almost forgot, I model from time to time.

8. Is there a community of bloggers and fashion designers in Doha?
If so, how can we get connected? 
There is a Facebook group I started quite a while ago for people within the growing fashion industry here in Qatar to network, it's called the Doha Fashion Circle. Since then there has been a few other fashion communities that have started too like the Qatar Fashion Makers (Facebook group) and Middle East Fashion (networking website).

 9. What is the best way to get publicity for your blog and talents? 
It all comes down to who you know, and networking is essential.

  Love Polli xx

27 October 2012

Macarons in Versailles

I hardly buy anything vintage other than online as Doha just doesn't have that market. But I did however found this lovely purple collard top & my pumkin coloured cardigan at The Kilo Shop in Paris which I was an experience and a half. They had so many vintage shops to choose from. We nearly spend 3-4 hours just strolling through each one of them.

While shooting this post, we enjoyed a box of macarons from Laduree at the Verailles which got to be on your bucket list when you travel to France.

Love Polli xx

22 October 2012

A Merry Mishap

 photography: manchik photography / styling: jennifer hagler / lookbook design: julia manchik / ink illustration: jeremiah hagler

A Merry Mishap just shared their beautiful lookbook  Fall 2012 collection. Here are some of my favourite shots. I know it's my second post on inspirational jewellery but I had to shop this week for a necklace to wear to the Qatar Choice Awards and got super nervous and ended up not finding much around Doha, but I found some good shops online I would like to recommend and this is one of them.

Love Polli xx

20 October 2012

Origami Jewellery

This weekend on Instagram, a follower by the name of #Ceciliarosati mentioned this French jewellery brand to me over the weekend. Visit their website www.origamijewellery.com & have a little looksie at the uniquely origami folded jewellery pieces. I blogged about some of my favourite pieces just to share but honestly I could probably have selected about 10 more.

 Love Polli x

16 October 2012

Inside My Work Life

Photography: Jessie Palanca
Wearing: Red Zara pants / Black H&M Peter pan collard top /  Necklace from H&M

I work in the creative team for a magazine and when two graphic designers come together (one from Lebanon) + (me from New Zealand/South Africa) with a photographer from the Philippines we get up to some fun stuff in the office!

Love Polli xx

14 October 2012

Free Printable "Let's Do Coffee" Cards

Invite your friend for a coffee with these Eat Drink Chic coffee invite cards :)

Download the template from here

 Love Polli xx

10 October 2012


Blue top & love mug: Urban Outfitters 
Photography: The Cherry Blossom Girl

It's a sick day at home today. Feeling rather sorry for myself I must say, while sitting in a pile of tissues and a red nose.

Thanks to The Cherry Blossom Girl for inspiring her with her amazing photography & french influence. Got to love that girl! Ok, well back to bed for me.

Love Polli xx

09 October 2012

Sweet Dreams

Art Director: Julie Marie Gene

It's always at 3:00pm in the afternoon when my sweet tooth comes to out to remind of a cupcake or macaroon. It's probably a good thing we don't work or live close to bakery because I would probably roll out of the office.

Perhaps if I switch careers and start my own bakery, maybe then I might be satisfied playing with zesty peach icing and lemon merengue pies all day instead of a key board and computer.

Love Polli xx

04 October 2012


Credit: The Drifter And The Gypsy sourced from Greg's Pth's

It's the weekend, I'm potting around and can't stay focused for the life of me, all I can think of is lunch! Lucky enough I am getting to go to The Ritz Carlton for lunch today which is very exciting.

On Saturday me and few friends will be hanging out at the Market they have here in Qatar which should be good fun to some home baked goodness, arts & crafts and some other Doha randomness.

Happy weekend everybody.

Love Polli


03 October 2012

Fringe Balloon DIY

Sweet Thing always have so many inspirational posts to check out for DIY projects. To tackle this DIY project yourself click here.

I know I haven't been posting many DIY projects anymore and the reason behind it is that Qatar doesn't really cater for that market, plus I work demanding hours which leaves me exhausted and in zombie mode majority of the time.

When I saw this post it did however sparked up something in me to perhaps start again... let's see how it goes. I might surprise myself and pick up a little project sometime.

Love Polli xx

01 October 2012

Holy Fulton Lips

Holy Fulton Spring Summer 2013 two toned lip colors is a grand hit on the runway. The second hot pink picture I found on this awesome blog called Blog Milk. A graphic & web designer Ana Degenaar who is based in Brazil who had also been a source of inspiration.

You probably would have seen some of her work on Hello Friend.

Love Polli xx