30 July 2011

Photobooth Outfit

Today I am wearing:
Hat: Glassons
Black velvet top: Vintage
Floral dress: Vintage
Necklace: Deeshine

It's a wet and cold winters day here today - we are off to the Hot Pools in Rotorua today which will make the day worth it. We also have two more weeks left before we move to Qatar, which is crazy!
So much packing to still do! Have a super amazing day!

Love Polli xx

29 July 2011

Guest blogger: Voyages of the Creative Variety

Hi. My name is Tori and I'm from a blog called Voyages of the Creative Variety (a mouthful I know!)
I've known Soné for a wee while now. We met while studying graphic design some years ago. And she is sweet enough to invite me to do a post on her beautiful blog!

So I thought I'd share with you all my latest crafting endeavour... A purse inspired pencil-case.
It's been rainy and cold this last week so I pulled out the sewing machine and put the jug on! The result was this pencil-case with a ball clasp opening.

Check out my blog if you'd like to see more of the process.

Thanks so much for having me Soné!

- Tori xx

28 July 2011

A white July in New Zealand

Wearing: Leather Jacket from JayJays
 Jeans: Dotti
Shoes: Wild Pair

Mikes sunglasses: Razorlight
Polli's sunglasses: Ray-ban

Me & Mike was stuck in Hawks Bay due to the road being closed on the 25th of July. We decided to leave the next morning to come back home and found white mountains full of snow for a few hours straight. It was my first time seeing snow everrrrr which is crazy I know! 

Mike got his surfboard out and we decided to surf down the mountain. It was sooo much fun! I highly recommend going to the ski field in New Zealand. Because if this was a glimpse of beauty I can't imagine what lies ahead. New Zealand really looks like Narnia when it snows.

Love Polli xx

26 July 2011

Giveaway: Goodie bag from Foxes {closed}


Limted Edition Collaboration Foxes tote
Katy Did gocco print card 'Let Them Eat Pav' card
Miss Masie peppermint flower earrings 
Miss Masie peppermint flower ring

♥Visit foxes.co.nz shop and leave a comment below with your favorite item from the Foxes website and email address for me to contact you.

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This Giveaway closed on the 5th of August 2011 (Friday), 8:00pm NZ time.
Good Luck. xx

25 July 2011

La Durée Paris

Atlast another french inspired blog called At Home At Home. Laure a photographer & decorator writes about interiors and living on apartment therapy. Laure occasionally writes about modern things and reports on her food adventures in the kitchen. To check out Laure's lovely photography website click here.

This is the perfect find today as we are stuck in Hawks Bay at the moment as the roads are closed to go back to Hamilton due to heavy snow! Can you believe it! All I can think of is all the packing and organising I have to do before we move to Qatar. Atleast it's an excuse to have another cup of tea wrap up in a warm blanket and munch on a macaron!

On another note, I have many photos to share with all of you regarding our getaway to my in-laws. And of course an epic giveaway planned for this week.

Love Polli xx

24 July 2011

Love from your postcard

I just love this new blog I found called "Oh Happy Day". Today Jordan is introducing to us a free DIY tutorial on making your own postcard and it even has a free downloadable copy for you to have. Click here for more information...

Oh Happy Day is a lifestyle and design blog written by event planner Jordan Ferney. It is updated daily featuring DIY party projects, party planning ideas, interior design, weddings, letterpress and invitations, design, photography, an occasional kid product and anything “pretty”.

Jordan also recently moved to Paris with her husband and kidlets, and I have been following her journey and her "Things to do in Paris" guide as it might come in handy when me & Mike head over to Paris.

If you know of any other french inspired blog please leave a comment below, I would love to visit some.

Love Polli xx

22 July 2011

Ruche Summer Resort Lookbook

Photography and Art Direction by Stephanie Williams
Makeup & Hair by Nyrie Aitken 

I am but only the biggest fan of Ruche, and the latest Summer Resort Lookbook has just been launched. Not only is it winter here in New Zealand but it's freezing cold. However moving to Qatar in August will change my entire wardrobe as it can get as hot as 50 degrees ! So I have started looking at getting some lovely summer pieces from Ruche.

Love Polli xx

21 July 2011

Potter and Butlet Cotton Candy Cupcakes

Potter & Butler is an amazing online Etsy store. Through Potter and Butler, Emily and Carrie are devoted to creating handmade products that enhance the ever-present and delightful spirit of a merry celebration and inspire authentic celebrations in the lives of other bright lovelies - all while obtaining a nod of approval from good ol’ mother earth. 

These cotton candy/fairy dust/candy floss call them whatever you like cupcake are a girls dreams wrapped up in pink sparkly sugar. 10 out of 10 for presentation girls.!  
They also have a lovely blog you can visit for more inspiration from these clever cookies.

On another note, I am on my way to see my in-laws before we head over to Qatar. And I am happy to announce that my house is rather messy at this stage but sort of in boxes. I will be documenting our entire process of moving over there, packing our entire lives into a suitcases and venturing the world for 2years for you all to see.

Love Polli xx

20 July 2011

In the woods

Dress: Valleygirl
Belt: Glassons
Hat: Farmers
Nail polish: Opi
Earings: Diva pearls

A while ago me, my mum &  sister had the pleasure of having Jennifer Johnston-Clark as our photographer. We had cupcakes, laughed, jump, giggled and had loads of fun. She is an Auckland based photographer and she is really talented. I love the colour contrast and the vintage tones in her photographs.

On another note, today me & Mike are packing some more and by the end of the week hopefully we would hopefully have packed almost everything we needed!

Love Polli xx

19 July 2011

Marshall loves laundry day

Wearing:Leather Jacket by JayJays
Necklace: Diva
Pants: Supré
Shoes: Billies

Marshall soaking up a bit of sun through these cold winter days

I got to admit this is a different type of post than what I usually do however, we adopted Marshall after his owners abandoned him. I have no idea what type of cat he is, if anybody knows please let me know.

He is full of personality and for some reason loves laundry day, honestly everytime it's laundry day he seems to jump into the basket and it's a mission to get him out!

Love Polli xx

18 July 2011

I see green

Dress: Vintage 
Bow ring: Karen Walker
Sterling silver bangles: Micheal Hill
Necklace: Diva

I also got a Devon Smith print from Amanda, from Here Comes The Sun blog 
as a Birthday present.

Here is to my first day of the Holidays! I slept in, got coffee in bed and have started packing for our big trip to Qatar. For those who aren't aware of it, me & my husband are moving to Qatar for 2 years. 

He is a primary school teacher, and got an amazing job over there. I am looking forward to doing some traveling as Europe will be so much closer to use. I am not sure what I will be going over there but Ii will keep you all informed. 

Love Polli xx

16 July 2011

Flower Crown by Bluebird

A little treat from Bluebird blog for an early Saturday morning here in New Zealand. Head over to Bluebird for an excellent tutorial on making your very own flower crown.

Not only is she freaking stunning, she has gorgeous fashion sense & a beautiful little family. She recently hopped over to Modcloth studio's to get her own photoshoot done with them, to view it click here.

Here is to my first day of the holidays!

Love Polli xx

15 July 2011

Madame de Rosa

Say hello to Angela from Madrid a spanish beauty and one amazing fashionista. Go check out  her blog called " Madame de Rosa" to find out more about her life and style.

Moving to Qatar have had me thinkin of a serious wardrobe change. I really need one of those long skirts Angela is wearing in the first photo. With a complete climate change and stepping into summer I will have to do some serious thinking of what my next buys would have to be.

I have been keeping a close eye on Angela's Chitopia and couldn't resists posting a few of my favourite outfits she has put together.

Have a fantastic Friday. I will be celebrating the start of my Holidays with some close friends tonight. So excited!

Love Polli xx

14 July 2011


Today's post is focused on Moorea Seal's lovely online esty store!

The image above is the Sunshine Headpiece no. 383 California Sunshine.
This incredible head piece is made from vintage elaborate chains. Hand pieced together, it combines two styles of chain to make for one incredible Gypsy Crown! 

Moorea Seal's is a designer and illustrator for Freckled Nest, and has my own jewelry business and Etsy shop, I do freelance illustration, and she makes music
Next on my list would be to get one of those headpieces, they are super amazing!

Love Polli xx