28 July 2011

A white July in New Zealand

Wearing: Leather Jacket from JayJays
 Jeans: Dotti
Shoes: Wild Pair

Mikes sunglasses: Razorlight
Polli's sunglasses: Ray-ban

Me & Mike was stuck in Hawks Bay due to the road being closed on the 25th of July. We decided to leave the next morning to come back home and found white mountains full of snow for a few hours straight. It was my first time seeing snow everrrrr which is crazy I know! 

Mike got his surfboard out and we decided to surf down the mountain. It was sooo much fun! I highly recommend going to the ski field in New Zealand. Because if this was a glimpse of beauty I can't imagine what lies ahead. New Zealand really looks like Narnia when it snows.

Love Polli xx


  1. oh wow its so pretty. surfing down a mountain sounds like a good time.

  2. Love the snow! It's so crazy that NZ has totally opposite weather as the US. Also, it's so weird how all you fabulous and my favorite bloggers are from NZ, what is up with that! haha :) Im thinking I need to visit :)

  3. this is a Canadian's worst fear to have snow in July, since we have such sort summers.

  4. Wow, you've never seen snow before?? :)
    You should make a snowman. My Kiwi boyfriend loved it when he made one last year in Europe ;) Mustn't be a common thing to have snow in NZ?

  5. Sone! I am so happy you finally got to see the snow! YIPPE!!!


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