13 July 2011

Asos Treasures

Wearing: Asos dress
Neklace: Designed by Aki
Socks: Glassons

Dress: Asos
Shoes: Vintage
Camera: Canon 550

Me & Amanda got the same dress from Asos without knowing and got it different colours! With so many to choose from online it's amazing to think what similar taste we have. It's great to have so much in common with a friend.

I took a few snaps with my Canon 550 which makes life a breeze when your capturing every moment of the day. The amount of features this camera has is insane. I can even record movies on it! After my wedding ring, my Canon is definitely the most valuable item in my house.

Love Polli xx


  1. we have the same camera! ^_^

    i love mine so much, im a bit scared to take it some places incase it will get ruined lol

    ur dress looks so pretty - im waiting on an asos package to arrive any day now SOOO excited!


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