29 November 2013

TastyCircus | The Patisserie

I'm already planning my next little craft project which I am really excited about! So I have been doing a bit of research on some jewellery as I would like to make some pieces to giveaway for Christmas. I spotted Tasty Circus who focuses on delicious handmade products inspired by food which I thought was to good not to share. 

On another note, today is my last day at work, before I start my maternity leave. Hence why I am starting up a few projects here and there to fill the gap and to enjoy this time walking Lola and visiting friends before baby comes. Happy Friday!

24 November 2013

Les Parisiennes - THE WHITEPEPPER

Heck, I am sure November has to be THEE most busiest time of year surely? I hardly have time to even think out loud. Fortunately not for long as I am finishing up work next week and will be on maternity leave, which means I will be keeping myself busy with a whole lot of Christmas baking, house hunting, nesting, preparing for when baby comes and doing some Christmas shopping. 

But in the meantime, I managed to sneak away for a few seconds and stumbled across 
a new favourite collection called Les Parisiennes by The Whitepepper

21 November 2013

Instax Love

Yah! I have been trying to track down some Instax film online and came across Instax EVERYTHING on mochitings ! Perhaps I am a bit behind but I didn't know Instax was making other products such as albums and photo stands made for Instax. I am so stoked! I definitely know what to put on my Christmas list this year.

13 November 2013

Things To Do In Melbourne

Shopping in Fitzroy

I realised I still had quite allot of photo's to still share with you all from my trip to Melbourne a few months ago. On my visit to Melbourne, Ilana made sure she took me to Fitzroy for some shopping. The shopping was amazing and the shops where all so individual and unique.

To look up a few shops in and around Fitzroy to get a feel of what is there you can click here. I found this website quite helpful. 

12 November 2013


Diamond Thongs from Factorie

Lately I have been trying to eat healthy. It's easy as Hawke's Bay is known for it's fresh produce! Lola on the other hand is a hand full and demands every ounce of my attention which is great baby training for us. However I do wish she would sleep in a bit more. Getting woken up at 5:40am is rather tough! It's also tough toilet training a puppy. It demands a lot of effort, phew!

I am also planning on finishing up my job at the end of the month since I am 27 weeks pregnant now and standing my on my feet 24/7 just isn’t an option anymore. I am looking forward to working from home, moving into our own home, setting up our babies room, finishing up our anti-natal classes, catching up with family and friends, playing with Lola, joining the yummy mummies group and making new friends.

11 November 2013

Summer Singlets | Polli Shop

Hey guys! It's summer time again and we have reopened our shop during Summer and Christmas time. We sell cute animal print singlets for $25.00. We do have limited stock left unfortunately so first in, first served. 

Click here to shop. 

10 November 2013

Happy Sunday

Marsha Golemac is a Melbourne based creative specialising in styling and installations. I scrolled through her awesome portfolio this morning and thought it was worth sharing!

We are on our way to check out some open homes, wish us luck. We have just over 4 hours of looking at homes today! phew..

06 November 2013

DIY | Bracelet Tutorial

Christmas and Birthdays are upon us! I can hardly believe it's even November. Where did the year go? Swell Mayde has an awesome selection of DIY projects here you might want to have a look at as well. Enjoy!

04 November 2013

November Freebie

Rose Tinted Illustration has designed a November Desktop Freebie for us all to download to sparkle up our screens this month. Enjoy!