12 November 2013


Diamond Thongs from Factorie

Lately I have been trying to eat healthy. It's easy as Hawke's Bay is known for it's fresh produce! Lola on the other hand is a hand full and demands every ounce of my attention which is great baby training for us. However I do wish she would sleep in a bit more. Getting woken up at 5:40am is rather tough! It's also tough toilet training a puppy. It demands a lot of effort, phew!

I am also planning on finishing up my job at the end of the month since I am 27 weeks pregnant now and standing my on my feet 24/7 just isn’t an option anymore. I am looking forward to working from home, moving into our own home, setting up our babies room, finishing up our anti-natal classes, catching up with family and friends, playing with Lola, joining the yummy mummies group and making new friends.

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