30 March 2014


It's been a wee while since I have checked out Etsy or even opened my computer screen for a matter of fact! Phew, life with a newborn is definitely full on. I did manage to get a glimpse of Mum & Co's Etsy store filled with awesome bags. I love finding family owned businesses on Etsy!

yikes I can hear a baby cry, I better go!


24 March 2014

5 Weeks

Just wanted to pop in today and share a bit of cuteness with you guys today..

Leon is 5 weeks now or I can almost say 6 weeks this Thursday. He has started smiling now which is awesome! He is so much fun and so cute! It's so amazing being a mum. It still does feel surreal, maybe that part takes a while to sink in perhaps? 

23 March 2014

ModCloth Favorites

a) Fun Fair All Dress
b) Excellent Rapport Dress
c) Sunrise in the Studio Dress
d) All Eyes on Unique Dress in Dotty

20 March 2014

DIY | How to make a watermelon pom pom

I am enjoying following Mr Printables Instagram lately and found this cool do it yourself tutorial on making your own fruit pom poms! My favourite is the watermelon, but you can have a look here at the other pieces of fruit she has carved up in wool! Super cool!

17 March 2014

DIY | Neon Pot Plant Holder

Micaela Hoo recently shared a post on her blog of Dani showing us how to make your own neon pot plant holder. I discovered these beauties while visiting my local coffee shop and was eager to get my hands on one, however they where priced as $130 ! OUCH! I disappointedly nodded and turned away. So I found this instead! BOOM! 

1. First measure out 8 lengths of rope of equal size. The sizes may vary depending on how big your pot in, but I would say at least 45 inches (120cm).
2. Line up the ends of the 8 pieces and tie into one big knot around 6 inches (15cm) away from the end. Double knot it to be sure it’s secure.
3. Take two pieces at a time and tie them into a knot about 3 inches (8cm) above the base knot. Repeat with the next two pieces and so on until all 8 have been joined at least once and you have four knots.
4.  Split the pairs you just knotted together, tying each piece of rope to its neighbouring piece to create four new knots around 3 inches (8cm) away from the last set. (You can repeat this step if your pot or bowl needs more support). You will have made a kind of loose net.
5. Place your pot into the middle of the rope, with the base knot in the center of the pot/bowl.
6. Pull all of the pieces of rope together above the pot/bowl and adjust the loops around the bowl until the pot sits flat and securely when you lift it into the air.
7. Knot the rope above your pot (depending on the height of your plants) and tie off into a large knot. You can now hang your planter by tying the rope around a hook or beam. Ensure to knot securely – you don’t want it to fall down!

Or if you just wish to buy one you can find them here as well.

12 March 2014

One Month

Wall Decals from Jamie Kay

Phew, it's been a bit of a rough ride into parenthood here due to having mastitis but I am all better and back on track again and out of hospital. I am slowly starting to find my groove with our little boy Leon. Tomorrow he will be one month old which is absolutely crazy! I can't believe the time has flown so fast. I guess with all the little sleep you get in the first few months everything really is a bit of a blur so I am making sure to take lots of photo's where I can. I have been trying my best to get out and about to catch up for coffee dates with some girlfriends when I can as I find it so important to just get out of the house at times. 

Some good websites I can recommend for shopping for kiddies/pregnant ladies are:
Jamie Kay

01 March 2014

Love Dart

Yah, I have a spare hour since my little baby has gone to bed and my parents are here to give me some spare time to be able to do a bit of blogging. In my spare hour I found this really cool website called Love Dart. They sell awesome handbags and a few other goodies. My personal favourite is the triangle handbag! They have a pretty rad Instagram page as well which you should check out.