26 August 2009


I made sure the invite would go with the theme! So we are sticking with dots, pastels, pearls, vintage and candles! :) 

So here is my idea of a smart pretty and sweet hens night!
We keep all the naughty games secret :) hehe.. I will make sure I will be taking a few shots of how it actually turns out but here are some inspiration for any other party celebration! 

I need more inspiration so if anybody can drop me a AWESOME website to visit I will :)

24 August 2009

Wedding Craft!

More and more special wedding crafts! God does not abort dreams! 
An amazing opportunity is coming up! My sister's hens night is coming up on the 5th of September which is soo exciting! I do need some games, but other than that I am researching a vintage naughty party! :)  

Thanks to all new followers hope you guys enjoy these post and getting creative! 

16 August 2009


My sister is getting married to an amazing guy called Yusuke! He is originally from Japan and they fit like a glow together! Recently I had the pleasures of designing their wedding invitations and organizing some of the many stressful events coming up! I just discoverd the most beautiful photography by  Aruna B .

 Such beautiful inspiring images! A friend of mine Michelle introduced me to these stunning images! They are planning a evening wedding wich will mean it will all start at 5:30 in the evening....so fun....so different....so romantic!!!

14 August 2009

Life is beautiful

An amazing friend Amanda Thomas from Here comes the sun introduced me to Lona's photography! It's absolutely amazing and it's like I can't stop looking at it. Have a look at the beautiful eye-candy!

i love love dandi lions!

pretty french books!

* this picture is dedicated to amanda..... this is what your kitchen will look like one day 

i always find it so interesting to see how other peoples apartments look like, it looks so comfy and summery...this makes me want to travel to europe so bad!

07 August 2009

Crafty graphic design

As a graphic designer it's always so inspiring to find new designs online! It's visually yummy it's like you want to eat some illustrations, like Audrey Kawasaki's work! Anyways I found this talented girl! And look what she gets up 2 on the weekends for all of us being couch potatoes! :)

There was also recently an edition in IDN about 3d building and making it look like illustrations! I thought it was soo cool! You can print any 3D monster, pet, strawberry, building online, cut it out and bring it to life! Sounds fun, I remember I made a wolf!
:) I'l try and

I love paper~! Invitations, Type, Patterns....anything with detail!