30 January 2014

The Nursery

owl cushion - element eden
moses basket - farmers 

We have setup most of the things in our house for the time and being. One thing we haven't done yet is putting up pictures on the walls, it feels scary poking holes into the walls. Don't ask me why but I just feel like it's almost to good to be true to be poking holes into our own house haha!

I would really like to design a wall decal for the baby room eventually (something I might have to look into sooner than later actually). I also wouldn't mind getting a cute rabbit night light and a cool rug to go into the babies room eventually. The perfect combination for a bit of mood setting.

27 January 2014

A New Chapter

We have finally moved into the new chapter of our lives. Me & Mike moved into our first home recently and are loving every second of it. It's still a very surreal feeling I have to admit. Being 37 weeks pregnant meant that I wasn't able to do much moving or lifting which left me rather frustrated, however we had family & friends turn up from all over to help us through the painting, cleaning, packing and unpacking stages which meant the world to us.

Even our new neighbours have been baking us cookies and popping in for quick visits. I also had my parents stay this weekend helping me clean the house and tidy up bits and pieces. To all our amazing family & friends, a huge thank you for all the help and support! 

16 January 2014

The Baby Shower

Ashley, Me & Michelle!
My cake!
The vintage garden party outside under the trees
Hanging out with my lovely mates
Fun & games
My beautiful mum
Michelle, the master party organiser
The polaroid and painting station with stamps & games

Michelle threw me a mini wedding of a baby shower. I was completely amazed at how beautiful my baby shower was. We had it outside in a forest like setting. There was even a bed dragged outside with beautiful pom pom garlands hanging from the trees. I was blown away at all the effort that was made. Thank you so much Michelle for making my baby shower one of the most memorable days of my life. 

09 January 2014

DIY: Make a Scandinavian style knotted trivet

You’ll need a wooden embroidery hoop (I used one 5 inch and one 7 inch hoop), some wooden beads, and cotton rope (mine is 4mm cotton sash cord).

You may be surprised at the amount of rope you’ll need – I was! The 5 inch embroidery hoop has a circumference of 46 cm (18 inches) and I used 6.4 metres (21 feet) of rope. So the amount of rope I used is almost 14 x the circumference.

- Click here for all full instructions

Happy crafting guys! I am busy sanding down a set of drawers for our baby room, and hopefully me and mike will start painting it tonight. Check us out on Instagram for updates (@polliblog).

07 January 2014


I'm 34 weeks pregnant now and feeling the itch to start nesting. I have been collecting images and things of what I would like our nursery to look like for a wee while now. 

I have finally decided on some sort of colour scheme which will be grey's, yellow's, black's and white. I also like a forest (wooden) type of theme for the nursery which is why I included this cool wooden stump side table. 

02 January 2014


Goodbye 2013: The things I loved & learned about 2013

♥ Moved back to New Zealand from Qatar
♥ Found out that we are having a baby boy
♥ Got a pug puppy called Lola
♥ Attended my first craft fair
♥ Travelled to Wellington
♥ Visited Ilana in Melbourne
♥ Enjoyed Michelle & Ashley's visit
♥ Made cake pops for the first time
♥ Started knitting
♥ Started running with the Nike app
♥ Turned 26
♥ Loved watching The Hunger Games & The Great Gatsby
♥ Chai latte dates with friends
♥ Picking strawberries
♥ Rocking a bikini while pregnant
♥ Taking Lola for walks
♥ Spending time with my mum and dad
♥ I got to speak to my grandfather who has cancer on Christmas day
♥ Making my own juice
♥ Celebrating 5 years of marriage
♥ Love having breakfast with friends
♥ Making new friends

Hello 2014: The things I want to do in 2014

♥ Buy a house
♥ Be a good mummy
♥ Be a good wife
♥ Learn to cook properly
♥ Stay healthy 
♥ Loose the baby weight
♥ Adjust to life with a baby
♥ Keep knitting
♥ Have date nights
♥ Stay creative
♥ Freelance
♥ Reconnect with my sister
♥ Have lots of braai's (bbq's)
♥ Read in my hammock
♥ Make pretty things for my house
♥ Grow a vegetable garden
♥ Make sure I get enough sleep somehow with a newborn
♥ Catch up with friends
♥ Keep up with my sewing
♥ Watch movies I love
♥ Go to a concert
♥ Pursue craft fairs
♥ Connect with a creative group
♥ Be selfless
♥ Love others the way they are
♥ Accepting change
♥ Be more tidy 
♥ Don't collect clutter