30 January 2013

Review | Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Desperately in need of some sexy Ray-Ban sunglasses this summer? I know the feeling..Your looking for something different and trendy that would suit your style right? So was I, and I found these hot pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses on Smart Buy Glasses. I grabbed the Ray-Ban RB4168 Meteor 701 H 121447 which seems to go with everything. 

I also have some news to share, I got featured on Little Death which really made my day. Happy summer days! 

28 January 2013

Review | Box Espresso Bar

Photography: Mike & Soné Moriarty

Looking for a good place to grab a coffee and a nibble in Hawke's Bay? Well me and Mike discovered an amazing little coffee shop called the Box Espresso Bar in Hawke's Bay, New Zealand. They are known for their yummy coffee around here plus this little shop all fits into a cute little box.

They also make their own coffee called The Original Firsthand Coffee Roasting Company which you can pick up from the Box Espresso Bar. 

Thanks Al for the coffee & Feijoa & Pear Sparkling Fruit drink it was oh sooo good! If your around go visit them at 168 Main road, Clive, Hawke's Bay (they also have WifI - SCORE!)

26 January 2013

Strawberry Fields

It is strawberry season here in New Zealand and the strawberry fields are oozing with fresh fruit dripping from them. Hmm, just talking about it made my mouth water. The best thing about  the Strawberry Patch is that they allow you to pick your own strawberries from the fields..score!

Where to go strawberry picking in New Zealand:
The Strawberry Patch in Hawke's Bay

Summer time

How much does it cost?
They weight your strawberries by kilo (generally cheap)

What else?
They sell fruit, vegetables & ice cream for a very affordable price. I payed $5 for a broccoli, cucumber and some beans. Woohoo! You won't get that at a grocery store.You can find me there during the week getting my weekly dose of fresh fruit and vegetables.

23 January 2013

Outfit Post | Mixing Black & Brown

White top: Valleygirl NZ |  Velvet pants: Vintage  |  Shoes: New Look  |  Belt: Vintage 
  Handbag: Kling | Rose Gold Rings: CK |  Necklace: Forever21  |  iPhone Case: Glassons

A big trend at the moment is mixing your brown and black gears together. In the past it use to be a big no no, however things have changed and I notice more and more bloggers and fashionistas approaching this new look. 

Gold seems to be a new feature to 2013 as well. I get my golden goodies from Forever21, an amazing website filled with affordable fashion gear from the US. They have some new apparel coming in as we speak and you can usually find me on their website scouting for a sale of some sort!  

22 January 2013

Breakfast For A Blogger | Healthy Eating

Eating healthy is a New Year's resolution for most people entering into 2013. Everybody is trying to loose weight they seemed to have packed on over the festive season and so am I. 

For me personally, I am just trying to tweak my everyday eating and just replace some of the junk I use to eat with some fruit and vegetables that I actually like. 

I still enjoy my coffee with sugar and milk but try to have skim milk instead of full cream and instead of having a full teaspoon of sugar I have half a teaspoon. I just call it tweaking instead of dieting. The word DIET scares me..

21 January 2013

Five Fresh Ways to Wear Your Jumpers in 2013

Brrrrrrrr! An early 2013 cold snap means that there’s no sign of being able to pack those winter clothes away and look forward to the new spring/summer fashions. Never fear, you can still have fun with fashion, even if you need to consider the cold for a little bit longer.
Freshen up your style with new ways to wear your warm winter wardrobe in 2013:

The fun statement jumper is a sure fire way to brighten up dreary January and February days. Why not try the ultra trendy sports luxe look by pairing leggings with sporty jumpers like the George Hooded Knit Jumper in navy. Fluro colours work especially well with the sports luxe trend, if you’re brave enough! The Graduate Fashion Week Neon Knit Jumper in lime is a great buy at the moment – half price at just £8!

Don’t forget your essential 2013 footwear – the wedge hightop – and you’re good to go, whether heading out and about during the day or at night.

Wish spring on its way quicker with some sweet floral knitwear. Stick with pastels for a departure from the bold florals or ditzy prints of previous seasons, and an alternative, more romantic look. Pastel florals go perfectly with pale denim jeans in your choice of shape.
Or, why not go for a light cream knit over a floral tee, shirt or even a floral dress, to add warmth yet keep the look light and airy? White converse or pastel ballet pumps are the perfect finishing touch.

If you’re not really a florals kind of girl, you can work a tougher look with studded jumpers. The G21 Stud Jumper Dress sports embellished shoulders for a subtle hint of your inner rock chick. Team with wet look leggings and biker boots for an easy outfit that will take you everywhere from shopping to out for drinks.

While colour and pattern are great, don’t neglect thinking about texture when choosing your new year wardrobe staples. Marl knits, mesh knits and metallic knits are ideal for incorporating some texture into your winter outfits, and subtly freshening up your favourite jumper/jeans combos. You can also use alternative shapes to revamp your knitwear outfits. The waterfall shape cardigan is supremely flattering, and looks as good with eveningwear as it does with jeans.

The chunky knit is fantastic at keeping out the cold, but it’s also as stylish as it is warm. Traditional cable knits have made a big comeback. Choose one in an alternative colour or with added detailing such as pockets for a great reworking of a classic. Everyone should have at least one chunky knit cardigan in their wardrobe. This style staple will help you get wear out of your new spring fashions early, as you can throw it on over anything for added warmth. They also make a good alternative to a coat when the transitional weather comes in. Why not wear a longline chunky knit with a belt to pull in that waist?

Don’t let the cold weather put you off mixing up your style for the new year. Have some fun with jumpers and stay stylish and warm this winter.

19 January 2013

Style Yourself | Free People's January Lookbook

Free People’s January lookbook, Into the Great Wide Open is a great way to style yourself whether your a beginner at fashion, fashion blogger, daydreamer or a magazine fashionista! This one is worth a look in I promise!    

 Hop onto Free People's website on tips on styling yourself for this season. Looks like washed out denim made it back into wardrobes eventually and it's rocking Free People's January lookbook! Go and and create your own look with Free People.

18 January 2013

How To Create A Quirky Display


You can use this tutorial for your shop display (exterior and interior), window display, After School Care Centres, Early Childhood Centres, kids bedroom or a concert. Creative displays creates a fun environment and here is how to do it:

  • A3 sheets of white paper or card
  • Scissors
  • Acrylic paint
  • Stable gun/glue/tape
Draw out the shapes you would like to create on the A3 paper, paint them, cut them out and arrange them onto the display area. Make sure the paint has dried completely. Arrange them onto your board and start to staple/glue or tape down the edges. 

17 January 2013

Unbeatable Travel Destinations For Fashion Lovers


The fashion capitals of the world make fabulous destinations for style gurus and followers of the latest design trends. During annual international fashion shows, New York, London, Milan, Madrid and Paris sparkle while industry insiders and fervent spectators around the world fizz with excitement. 

Traditionally, these five cities are the firm favorites of the fashion industry, and every year the contest to select the supreme center of fashion excellence is replayed, sometimes with surprising results. To add just a touch more intrigue, some of the established names are experiencing pressure from two newer contenders that may well win a berth at the top table very soon.

Berlin, Germany 

A sophisticated and cultured city, Berlin is home to a flourishing creative industries sector, which includes fashion, music, film, performing arts and digital arts. Fashion lovers can experience all aspects of Germanic art and design trends while enjoying:

  •  A thriving retro scene with vintage stores, thrift stores and markets selling cheap, hip clothes. 
  •  International designer collections alongside street and urban wear. 
  • The newest trends in ecological design techniques used in Berlin’s “green fashion” scene.


Tokyo, Japan

With a cityscape dominated by striking contemporary buildings and glittering neon lights, Tokyo is fast becoming a symbol of the future – something that has certainly influenced how fashion here is evolving.  While staying in cheap hotels in downtown Tokyo, visitors can enjoy a heady bird’s eye view of the latest trends, including:

  •  Offbeat, zany street styles which combine bright colors and bizarre details.
  • Clothing fads that favor invention and blur the line between exotic costumes and everyday wear.
  • Chic, upscale boutiques on Omotesandō Avenue, known as the Champs-Élysées of Tokyo.
  • Trending styles such as decora, visual kei and Gothic Lolita – a style based on Victorian and Rococo period costumes.

These are two unbeatable destinations for discovering the newest fashion trends and ideas, which will surely make for some unforgettable experiences.

15 January 2013

DIY Tutorial: Styling A Pixie Haircut


I thought I would share my first DIY hair tutorial since so many people asked me how I style my hair. It's very simple and I shared five steps on how to get that perfect pixie haircut styled for any occasion.

If you found this tutorial helpful or would like some more tips on how to style your pixie, feel free to flick me an email here. Happy styling everyone!

 Love Polli xx

13 January 2013

A Tour Through The Hobbit & Lord of The Rings Movie Set

Mike and I got the chance to visit Hobbiton, the actual set of such films as The Hobbit, and The Lords of The Ring. The film set is situated outside a little town called Matamata in the central North Island of New Zealand.

It was a surreal experience and it was a well worth the trip. The rolling green pastures, miniature vegetable gardens, and the little hobbit holes in the hills followed by complimentary refreshments at the 'Green Dragon ' tavern ticked all the right boxes. To all the Tolkien fans out there, visiting Bilbo's home in the shire is a must. Be ready for a true middle earth experience in little old New Zealand!


Website: www.hobbitontours.com

Price: $75 per adult, $35 youth, $10 per child
Location: Matamata, New Zealand
Follow: Hobbiton Facebook

Flights to New Zealand:  Fly Air New Zealand

Love Polli xx