26 January 2013

Strawberry Fields

It is strawberry season here in New Zealand and the strawberry fields are oozing with fresh fruit dripping from them. Hmm, just talking about it made my mouth water. The best thing about  the Strawberry Patch is that they allow you to pick your own strawberries from the fields..score!

Where to go strawberry picking in New Zealand:
The Strawberry Patch in Hawke's Bay

Summer time

How much does it cost?
They weight your strawberries by kilo (generally cheap)

What else?
They sell fruit, vegetables & ice cream for a very affordable price. I payed $5 for a broccoli, cucumber and some beans. Woohoo! You won't get that at a grocery store.You can find me there during the week getting my weekly dose of fresh fruit and vegetables.


  1. Can't wait for summer in Germany, we have lots of Strawberry fields and I LOVE IT! So good to remind me of this - I can feel the warmth already <3

    1. Oh I bet, I love Europe! Germany would be beautiful during summer.I haven't been but would love to go one day. x


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