17 January 2013

Unbeatable Travel Destinations For Fashion Lovers


The fashion capitals of the world make fabulous destinations for style gurus and followers of the latest design trends. During annual international fashion shows, New York, London, Milan, Madrid and Paris sparkle while industry insiders and fervent spectators around the world fizz with excitement. 

Traditionally, these five cities are the firm favorites of the fashion industry, and every year the contest to select the supreme center of fashion excellence is replayed, sometimes with surprising results. To add just a touch more intrigue, some of the established names are experiencing pressure from two newer contenders that may well win a berth at the top table very soon.

Berlin, Germany 

A sophisticated and cultured city, Berlin is home to a flourishing creative industries sector, which includes fashion, music, film, performing arts and digital arts. Fashion lovers can experience all aspects of Germanic art and design trends while enjoying:

  •  A thriving retro scene with vintage stores, thrift stores and markets selling cheap, hip clothes. 
  •  International designer collections alongside street and urban wear. 
  • The newest trends in ecological design techniques used in Berlin’s “green fashion” scene.


Tokyo, Japan

With a cityscape dominated by striking contemporary buildings and glittering neon lights, Tokyo is fast becoming a symbol of the future – something that has certainly influenced how fashion here is evolving.  While staying in cheap hotels in downtown Tokyo, visitors can enjoy a heady bird’s eye view of the latest trends, including:

  •  Offbeat, zany street styles which combine bright colors and bizarre details.
  • Clothing fads that favor invention and blur the line between exotic costumes and everyday wear.
  • Chic, upscale boutiques on Omotesandō Avenue, known as the Champs-Élysées of Tokyo.
  • Trending styles such as decora, visual kei and Gothic Lolita – a style based on Victorian and Rococo period costumes.

These are two unbeatable destinations for discovering the newest fashion trends and ideas, which will surely make for some unforgettable experiences.


  1. I would love to go to Japan

  2. Bangkok is one place that is a shoppers paradise. Have been there many a times and have loved the street shopping there.
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