22 January 2013

Breakfast For A Blogger | Healthy Eating

Eating healthy is a New Year's resolution for most people entering into 2013. Everybody is trying to loose weight they seemed to have packed on over the festive season and so am I. 

For me personally, I am just trying to tweak my everyday eating and just replace some of the junk I use to eat with some fruit and vegetables that I actually like. 

I still enjoy my coffee with sugar and milk but try to have skim milk instead of full cream and instead of having a full teaspoon of sugar I have half a teaspoon. I just call it tweaking instead of dieting. The word DIET scares me..


  1. I'm also trying to eat healthy this year! Starting off with drinking fruit juice in the morning and eating more fruits and vegetables throughout the day!
    I tried replacing coffee with juice but it was just too difficult! haha

  2. I'm trying to eat healthier this year, too. Except for eating a bag of crisps every day, I'm doing good :D


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