29 May 2014

Floral Duvet Covers

I have been hanging out all week for this parcel to arrive at my doorstep and boy was it worth the wait. The reason why I love Joules duvet covers because when you get sick of looking at one side you just flip it over to the other side and you have a new look instantly! Pretty neat huh? The other side has minty stripes on it for a more simplistic look. I chose the ruby floral duvet cover because it goes nicely with our mint bedside cabinets and 

I think little Leon loves the new duvet cover as well as he was staring at all the pretty floral colours when I first put it on. I wonder what babies must think when they see all these new patterns, colours and shapes.Lola on the other hand was up to her old tricks running up and down the hallway with all the packaging of course...gosh pugs are handwork lol !

14 May 2014

Happy 3 Months

Yesterday we celebrated Leon turning 3 months old which was pretty surreal. I have been waiting for the "3month" mark as apparently things get easier. Maybe it's a mental thing or it's a real fact but I actually agree, it already does seem to be a bit easier. His longest sleep goes for between 5-7 hours at night usually. 

At 3 months Leon:
Makes coo noises
Has a chuckle 
Enjoys tummy time and can hold his neck up very well
Needs to be wrapped to have a proper sleep
Loves his milk
Hardly ever does a poo haha
Smiles all the time
Wants to be held a lot
Looks at Lola chasing her own tail

09 May 2014

Handmade Toys

Got to love handmade toys, they seem to have a bit more character.
 Especially the toys from PoosacI actually find all the toys on there freaking funny! 

Happy weekend Friday.