30 April 2012

Minted Rose Water

Sunday Suppers made my day! I am frying up like a piece of shrimp in this heat. It's been 40 degrees here in Qatar, Doha and the only saving grace we have for it is living in air conditioned buildings and drinking lots of fluids. So to keep things fun, I wanted to share this minted rose water recipe with you all, since it's healthy, fresh and oh so cool!


Rose Water + Mint
2 Cups Sparkling Water
1/4 tsp Rosewater
2 Sprigs Mint
A few Rose Petals for garnish

Mix all ingredients together. Serve over crushed ice. Garnish your drink with rose petals.

Love Polli xx

26 April 2012

True Love & Daisies

 (Top: Valley girl, Skirt: H&M, Nailpolish: OPI) 

As I scrolled through my pictures from South Africa I stumbled upon a little photoshoot me and my Mum had when we visited our family in December/January. We had a lovely afternoon tea with traditional koeksisters. It was delightful. My grandmother & some family came over to join us.

The old tea set was my mothers and it got passed onto the another family member in South Africa. 
It's such a beautiful tea set, I remember it from when I was a little girl. It was nice reminiscing 
'the olden days' with my mum  from when I was a little girl. 

Love Polli xx

24 April 2012

Blue & White

(Zara blouse, Splash trousers, Aldo shoes, Splash necklace, Splash sunglasses)

While visiting Greece we had a few stops at the shops and I was lucky enough to have bought a couple new outfits that I have been waiting to share with you. I have been indulging in minty green blouses and peach dresses.

This photoshoot was taken in Santorini. A place I would love to have house one day. I can't stress enough how much I loved Greece. It was really stepping into a far away world.

This weekend me and my work colleague will be enjoying dinner at the Shark Village in Doha to celebrate this months magazine which is finished. As the graphic designer of the magazine I am really proud of this months issue, and we definitely need to celebrate!

Love Polli xx

18 April 2012


This seasons mint picks are from Ruche. I bought 2 collared tops from Zara in Greece and adore it. I can't wait to share them with you. I also ended up buying a soft peachy skirt which is great to wear in this crazy Qatar weather..honestly it feels like I'm already constantly in an oven.

I also promise to be sharing more of my trip to Greece. It was amazing! I don't even know where to start picking to pretty ones as there are 600 pictures to choose from. Once our production week at the Magazine is done I promise to post it up asap!

Love Polli xx

13 April 2012

Travelling to Greece

I just wanted to share a couple of updates of our trip in Greece.It's been mind blowing how lovely the people and the Greek culture is. Me and Mike flew to Greece in 4 hours time from Doha and stayed in Athens for 3 nights and Santorini for 5 nights.

We stayed at:
* (Athens) Athens Center Square Hotel
* (Santorini)Stelios Place in Perissa


They are very well setup for tourist and always give you a freebie or something on the house whenever you eat out or even visit a local bakery. They lack public toilets so when you do go out for breakfast/lunch or dinner make sure you do go lol !

Places you must visit in Athens:
*The Acropolis
*The Acropolis Museum

Places you must visit in Santorini:
* The entire island (hire a scooter for the day and you will be able to zoom around the entire island
all in one day!  

Food you must eat:
* Try the Tsasziki
* They have amazing seafood
* Ouzo (Strong alcoholic Greek drink)

If you have any questions about Greece, feel free to ask!All photo's where taken by Instagram (polliblog).

Love Polli xx

02 April 2012

Sugar and Spice Café

It was a pleasure visiting Sugar & Spice Café at Lagoona Mall in Qatar, Doha. It's by far my favorite Café in Doha. It had a french and vintage spin on it, and is definitely a first for Doha. I loved the French vibe it carried, and the music really gave an warm atmosphere. It felt like I was sitting in Paris.

The Red Velvet Cake was sold out by the time we got there, so I ended up ordering the Banoffee Pie instead, and boy was I happy I did. It possibly was the best piece of Banoffee Pie I have tasted! And not to mention the Chili Hot Chocolate...hmmmm super creamy with a hint of spice.

The Interior Decoration was fab, it had a vintage lamp in the corner with hand-stitched buttons on it and old pictures frames hanging from the wallpaper.

Thanks to Ashlee who recommended this little hot spot to me :)

Love Polli xx