13 April 2012

Travelling to Greece

I just wanted to share a couple of updates of our trip in Greece.It's been mind blowing how lovely the people and the Greek culture is. Me and Mike flew to Greece in 4 hours time from Doha and stayed in Athens for 3 nights and Santorini for 5 nights.

We stayed at:
* (Athens) Athens Center Square Hotel
* (Santorini)Stelios Place in Perissa


They are very well setup for tourist and always give you a freebie or something on the house whenever you eat out or even visit a local bakery. They lack public toilets so when you do go out for breakfast/lunch or dinner make sure you do go lol !

Places you must visit in Athens:
*The Acropolis
*The Acropolis Museum

Places you must visit in Santorini:
* The entire island (hire a scooter for the day and you will be able to zoom around the entire island
all in one day!  

Food you must eat:
* Try the Tsasziki
* They have amazing seafood
* Ouzo (Strong alcoholic Greek drink)

If you have any questions about Greece, feel free to ask!All photo's where taken by Instagram (polliblog).

Love Polli xx


  1. Oh, it must've been so lovely to travel to Greece. One day...

    Your pictures are lovely!


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