31 January 2011

Creamy Dreamy

Yah ! I found a really amazing online store called Kling plus they have a sale on at the moment. :) Can't pay day come any sooner lol. I am utterly in love with their winter shoes. They are delish.

 Love Polli xx

30 January 2011

Deerlings & Ghostthings

A good coffee in the morning does wonders I believe, something I look forward to every morning. I hope your all enjoying my favourite posts from Deerlings & Ghosttings. It's one of the many blogs I love to spend hours on.

Love Polli xx

29 January 2011

Deerlings & Ghostthings

Deerlings & Ghostthings

It's a long weekend here in New Zealand and I am loving every minute of it. I am however at the Parachute music festival which have been so much fun, I am enjoying every minute of it. 

 Love Polli xx

28 January 2011

Deerlings & Ghostthings

This weekend I am going to make you all swoon by posting my favourite posts from Deerlings & Ghostthings. I love the combination of jewellery in that plate, it just look like lollies I just want to try them all on.
 Love Polli xx

27 January 2011

Puppy Love

Ever heard of Sarah McNeil? I just discovered her work, and I am in awh!

 I am packed and ready to go and volunteer at main stage security at Parachute music festival this weekend. Have you got plans this weekend?

Love Polli xx

26 January 2011

Say Hi To Mischeyl Joanne

Meet my lovely friend Mischeyl Joanne! We studied graphic design together. She is the face behind What is this in my hand blog. Grab a cup of tea & pop in for a visit she'd would love to meet you!

  Love Polli xx

25 January 2011

My time turned into gold

All  of  a  sudden  my  time  turned  into  gold!

Starting a new job does take allot our of you, perhaps more than I remember it to be. I miss wasting time on Facebook, picking up some sort of craft/design project, watching a movie over and over again just because I can, sewing a couple of dresses, baking cupcakes and generally allot of my social life. 

I miss my holidays! However this job is the best thing that ever happened to me, I guess I can't stop but to daydream about those hot summer care free days in the sun,

Love Polli xx

24 January 2011

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22 January 2011

It's a DIY to-do list


It's 10:00 am on a Saturday morning and I am still in bed. If I can tick one thing of my list today, I will be happy.

1. Paint my husbands $10 bike a minty green (2-3 hours) 

2. Sand down my brown coffee table and turn it into french furniture
    (might take the entire day)

3. Design a newsletter for church 

4. Bake 

5. Get a haircut

6. Catch up on some sleep lol......

 Love Polli xx

21 January 2011

It's all about the pom pom




Thanks for all your recommendations regarding online shopping, I enjoy reading all your comments & visiting the stores!

My latest fascinations are pom poms. I have made 15 pom poms so far and am planning on hanging in my room like the picture at the top as well as making flowers of them. I probably need like another 50 more... I think I need a pom pom maker from Clover.

Love Polli xx

20 January 2011

What are your favourite online stores?

I have been hanging out on Urban Outfitters online shop while they are having an insane SALE!! I enjoy finding new online shops to have a peak at. I love the thrill of a parcel or package arriving at my doorstep. 

What are some of your favourite online shops? I'd love to go and visit it.

 Love Polli xx

19 January 2011

Becoming Lola

I fell onto a wonderful blog called Becoming Lola today. It's an indulgent journey into foodie-hood, Paris and all things pretty... It's a must to go and visit.

I also had my first day at my new job which went really well. I am really wrapped ! I am working at an all girls high school as the graphic designer as well as a support staff & mentor. 

Love Polli xx

18 January 2011

bonnie tsan & greenwich letterpress

Bonnie Tsang is a great photographer, she recently visited the Greenwich Letterpress based in New York. Head over here to read the interview with the owners of Greenwhich Letterpress. 

 Love Polli xx

17 January 2011

Ali Bosworth

found via Hell Mr Fox photographer Ali Bosworth

After arriving home from our road trip which I will share of all of you. We visited Amanda & Jeremy and we got to meet Ziggy their little kitten. If you would like to see Ziggy for yourself click here. 
He is so yummy!

 Love Polli xx

16 January 2011

Strawberry Picking

Me & Mike went bike riding through the village in Havelock North to The Strawberry Patch where we enjoyed picking all our own strawberries which included eating more than picking by the way.

 Love Polli xx

15 January 2011

Lady Fringe



As per usual I am feeling the itch to do something to my hair. It honestly happens perhaps every 6 months! This time around I am thinking of getting a fridge.

What do you think yah or nay?
 Love Polli xx

14 January 2011

I love pugs




I love pugs! I can say that 10000000000 times more!

I had a pug as a child and his name was pokkel (which means chubster). 
Being surrounded by a puppy all day makes me long for my own wee pug pup. I am more of a cat person, but I how can you say no to a face like that, honestly?

 Love Polli xx