20 January 2011

What are your favourite online stores?

I have been hanging out on Urban Outfitters online shop while they are having an insane SALE!! I enjoy finding new online shops to have a peak at. I love the thrill of a parcel or package arriving at my doorstep. 

What are some of your favourite online shops? I'd love to go and visit it.

 Love Polli xx


  1. I hardly ever do my shopping online but I have to agree that opening up something that arrived in the post is amazing!

  2. dotcomgiftshop - there is always some lovely things for the home
    topshop - I like having the option of looking through everything
    ebay - pick up some great deals
    cath kidston online - the shop is too far away!

    (writing this down, I think i spend a little bit too much time online window shopping)

  3. I just purchased a few on sale things from Urban Outfitters! As for other online stores, I love anthropologie, modcloth and etsy. Anthropologie is far to expensive and so is modcloth, but they are great for inspiration! Etsy has some very good vintage pieces, usually for reasonable prices, but there's no guarantee that you'll find cute things in your size!

    Best Wishes,
    Erika X

  4. I always buy things via mail from urban outfitters! thats my favorite store of all time. also agreeing with those above, i have several items from modcloth as well! :)

  5. Just found your blog - it's lovely!!

    My favourite place to shop is www.etsy.com. I can find almost everything there. I also have my own shop since almost two years when I decided to work as an artist and book designer full-time. Mine is http://afiori.etsy.com

  6. sanoiiandsix.com, two big thumbs up yo!


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