07 January 2011

Polli's Favourite places

I have made a favourite's list of all the places I have been too on my roadtrip around New Zealand.

1. Pipi's Restaurant / Pipi's Pink bar  ( planning on having my birthday here this year)
2. House of Aroha
3. Iko Iko
4. Guilty as sin
5. Ruby 
6. The Old Church Vineyard
7. Swonderful

Love Polli xx


  1. Wow, these places are amazing. Your blog makes me so interested in exploring New Zealand.

  2. Loved Swonderful. Last time we were there was on our honeymoon though. Bought a few things anyway :)

  3. Hey, it's Sahri!
    I was just looking through your blog, and I realised that the girl next to the birdcage in the lonely hearts picture I know! Her Dad knows my Dad and I hung out with her a few times in Auckland when I was about 14.
    Small world huh.


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