10 January 2011

Me & Mike

M E    &    M I K E ' S     S T A R T    TO    2 0 1 1

Me and my husband Mike set off on an adventure late December. It started on our anniversary. And next weekend will be our last little roadtrip to Wellington to catch up with some friends. We have been catching up with friends & family, camping, tramping, eating, op shopping, sunbathing, swimming and generally just soaking up all of summer. 

Love Polli xx


  1. that first photo is simply charming, what a sweet memory (i love the sun flares!) i do wish i was on vacation, as we are freezing in snow here... ! xx

  2. WOW! that's all i got, that's all there is...just wow! ♥

  3. That first photo made me grin from ear to ear - you look so happy!


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