31 July 2010

Floral Crush

Lina Gavenaite is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator from Norresundby, Denmark. June is a cosmetic brand which specialise in natural beauty products. Now this is what I call quality branding!

Today I am meeting my sister for a mid-morning walk about and catch up. I am also meeting a friend of mine who is due to have a little baby girl, I bought a couple of the cutest pink things for her! I will also tackle a few DIY projects at home, and I am sure to post about it next!

Happy Weekend Everybody!

Tealight Delight


I just came back from date night with my husband, we watched Inception! It blew my mind, and also made it confused..I'll have to give it a 9 for creativity!

Another question I do have on my heart has been the word "Friendship" and what it means to you? I have been thinking of some of my relationships I have I call "Friendships" and had to evaluate some of them.

28 July 2010

I Heart Birds

I don't believe that my love for vintage Illustrations will ever die.  Teagan White is the creator of these beautiful Illustrations.

I had a conversation with my hubby the other day and we where talking about hobbies.
He suggested that I don't just post about pretty things but that I should start making them, so in the back of my mind I have been wanting to have my own little vintage exhibition. I have a place in mind to have it, I just need to start working on the content now... Oh I am most excited!

26 July 2010

Kiss Me Quick

I got these yummy photo's from kiss me quick! Such a cool find. Don't you just love finding a blog with great photography. Enjoy these beauties...

23 July 2010

Hello Pooch

(Winnie Au Photography)
Today the Dr told my hubby that he might have swine flue and booked him off from work for a week? I have been struggling with the flue these couples of days and are hoping to sleep all the symptoms off by the weekend!

On a good note, I found Winnie Au Photography! My favourite pooch is the one at the top! It reminds me of my pug called "Pokkel", I had when I was about 10year's old. "Pokkel" means fatty/chubby in Afrikaans.

22 July 2010

Time For A Teaparty

Lo Bjurulf is a new favourite of mine! For more information click here! Be warned that your jaw might just drop to the ground lol. :)


21 July 2010

Open The Floodgates

My Dear MK

My hubby is sick, so I made him dinner in bed and cuddled him warm while watching Twilight. I also only realised now that he makes little noises every time he has to turn around on his side... ha ha the joys of marriage!

Other than that, I had a "medium" type of day at work today. I was reminded a few times that my contract at the company I am working for as an Online Editor and Graphic Designer expired on Sep the 24th 2010 which leaves me with 2months to look for a new job. It left a nasty taste in my mouth and reminded me to keep my options open! Hm what to do, what to do? I better start looking perhaps....

20 July 2010

Rocked by Love


OHHHH MY!!!!! I have no idea whether you are a Grey's Anatomy Fan, but the last two episodes have rocked my world up side down and upside again over again and again.

And yes it all comes down to L-O-V-E! Your life can end in an instance, we have no control over when our time will come. What are your thoughts on life after death?


19 July 2010

Snow Bird

Congratulations to Melissa Ranger from "From Me To You" who won the Indie Polli Necklace! Thank you to all who submitted entries to win the necklace. If you did not win the necklace, don't fear, this is only the beginning of many more to come! 

When it comes to hands of a designer, artist, virtually any human being or even a child, "Snow bird" acquires a completely new image every single time.
You can a felt tip pen or a box of paints, re imagine it as you wish and transform this simple white blank into a small work of art. It is up to you to decide whether it is going to be a shelf or just a bright spot in your interior design.

Both Maria Yasko and Igor Marisko are from Moscow, Russia. They developed this awesome concept together! :)Check out the most amazing design website in Russia !

17 July 2010

Indie Necklace Giveaway

That's right, Polli is doing it's second Giveaway ever . . . and this time to get your hands on this wicked handmade Indie Necklace Handmade in my home country South-Africa!
It's the weekend and I am feeling generous!!

How to Win this Indie Necklace from Polli?

1) Become a Follower

2) Blog about this giveaway

3) Leave a comment

4) Twitter or Facebook about it 

Feel free to leave your blog name on your comment. I am interested in visiting a few new blogs!

15 July 2010

My Dream Wardrobe..

This is pretty much my dream wardrobe! 
Honestly if I could have one of these beauties, it would probably make my entire year. I know I have mentioned before that I love almost everything and anything french but this post has to take the cake.

These classic dresses and gowns come from Maria Lucia Hohan's boutique online store. I actually spend about an hour gazing through everything and have decided that this is my favorite online store from now on.

14 July 2010

Floral Dreams

I really enjoy the vintage look of this photography. I'd love buy a canon camera and take photo's all day long for a living if I could !What is a hobby you would like to pursue?

13 July 2010

Let's just eat and be happy

Lately me and my hubby have been trying out a few different restaurants, and it has been so rewarding! I think it's great trying out things you don't usually have. I tried Thai and Moroccon food, and I can say that I loved it.

12 July 2010

Le creme Boutique Delight

Perhaps the most creative website I have stumbled upon, the only downside of it is that I can't translate it?? Anybody keen lol?

I gasped as I browsed through this beautiful website! 
You can expect to drool over the delicious food photography on La creme, as well as a modern layout of text and gorgeous use of pastel colors.

As you hover over the imagery, make sure you notice that almost every object is animated and beautifully placed in exactly the right order.

11 July 2010

Soccer World Cup Delight!

Hi guys, sorry I haven't been blogging, but we got invited to a beach batch with another couple! We had an awesome time, and with that I also stumbled upon Wedding Obsessed!
I really enjoy finding beautiful party decorated tables! 

I am off to bed soon, and will be getting up at 6am for the soccer world cup in my home town in Rustenburg, South Africa ! I am leaning towards the Dutch to win lol.. Who do you think will win this World Cup?

08 July 2010

Green Pastures

Eco-minded street artist Edina Tokodi is putting a new spin on green guerilla tactics in the trendy art enclave of Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

She is born in Hungary, and lives in Brooklyn, NY. Tokodi’s site-specific moss installations of prancing animal figures and camouflage outgrowths are the talk of a local urban neighborhood typically accustomed to gallery hype and commercial real estate take-overs.

07 July 2010

Magical Mushaboo

Ever felt like running into a wood and laying in a pile of leaves, and let your thoughts run wild with you?

Today I am sort of feeling a little bit like that. Forgetting about everything and just run into a world of fantasy!

06 July 2010

French Sunrays

I pretty much found my favorite photographer ever! His name is David Bellemere! He takes extraordinary photo's! By clicking on the link, you will find some of his work, with other amazing photographers! 

I read up that he is a French Photographer, which explains probably why I am utterly in love with his photography!

05 July 2010

My Graphic Design

My Mum asked me to design an invitation for the Mid-Winter Christmas party at her work. This year theme she went for was Martha Stewart's Pom Pom ideas!

Mum is making these pom poms herself, and got the how-to-guide from Martha Stewart's website here. My mum has always inspired me and has the ability to turn anything into a WOW!

Question: "What do you admire most of your mum?"